• One day a 15 year old named Kasey Peyton met an 18 year old boy named caleb underwood. Kasey and caleb went to the dark forest when suddently it was too stary for them to walk-- so they went around the strip of a neighborhood talking. Caleb was wearing his polaroids everywhere. So it was night and they head back to home. the next day before you know it, Kasey saw a presentbox from Caleb. She opened the box and it was filled up with polaroids. Kasey ran down stairs and got on her bike-- she was going to Caleb's house. After that, Kasey saw poor, gloomy Mr.and Mrs. Underwood crying on the staircase. They showed me what happend to Caleb Underwood.
    Caleb got the diceace from wearing polaroids. Kasey got upset. So She called th ambulance to rescue her friend. but then in 5 hours on working on Caleb, Caleb was dying. so he was shaking a bit. He was slowly...slowly... closing his eyes and stopped breathing. Everyone was crying about what happend to Caleb. So they called Mr. and Mrs. Underwood and Kasey. They told about Caleb and told them he died. So they cried soo much. they made a funeral about him. The polaroids were the ones what were very making everyone die!