• "Ahhhhh!" The scream echoed through the ally. The vampire was feeding. I walked as qieut as a kitten. My feet barely touching the ground.

    One qiuck stab. Thats all it took to kill one of these basterds. One qiuck stab with a stake. I moved forward slowly. Two feet in closing.

    My chance was now. I fliped over its head with my knees tucked in and landed. My feet acted before my brain did. My shoes skided across the pavement as i slammed it into a wall. I pulled out my steak and stabbed it through its cold dead heart,if it had one.

    It fell to the ground in a pile of flesh and blood. I lit wat was left of its body on fire and blew out some of the flame leaving behind a smell of a decaying corpse and a kitten face,my mark. I turned my attention to the girl. She had long blonde hair,she was fiarly tall, and probaly about 25 years old. She was intoxicated too.