• I would like to thank people who counseled me from all sides, to those who even denied a personal report if so, you were to consider cyber-ethics to that of someone’s safety as a minor rather than the school or jurisdiction asks for evidences based on damages which may have occurred to the sanity of the person. The time of publication is around that time of a midlife crisis or so half the age of this report; though the situation is everything happened around the high school years to college. As the report was detrimental to reputation or safety some reports might had been thrown out that were vital information to understanding how far deep the generations have soaked or wallowed in the despair. The only problem I would find in this is the cases of loneliness or depression in the cases could drive people totally insane or mad if so, damage was done to many individuals over a period of time or at least from the year two-thousand-twelve and higher, which in fact was at least a generational or repetition crisis. Those who acknowledged the truth of this will grasp the fact that one is in their thirties but the one with no intention of being involved in the situation of others - which was around the age of a minor at fifteen or more and that one grew up technically inclined to that of their foundation stone. By explaining these things and the involvement of ethics concerning others and that of businesses, one can say the vulnerabilities exploited are not to be used for intention but explanation on how solutions can be settled in over time if they were noticed or not appropriately applied. To understand the abuses of what was caused as others took advantage of many people from the fields to the regular public and many would blame a single nation for the world’s stupidity to accept a crisis. Thus, relating to modern day the current threat of the world is the ethics of China compared to the US manipulative people in law and leadership, also referred to censorship of big tech and democratic studies happening around seven years during the time of blasting a man who was the ex-president named Donald J. Trump. Faults around this era were from Hilary’s foundation of much to much of the Democratic scandal and Marxists of President Obama’s era. People who made a situation of enforcement who were spies – similar to Edward Snowden, Russian spy discriminating his job and surviving as a fugitive, leaks with Julien Assuage – WikiLeaks journalist to more – yet a dark web master. and the national security agency spying on its people violated state sovereignty to government federal information, yet the media and so-called stations that do not report to other places understand the corruption that they put on the people in the Western locations to the regrowth of the states at the common. It does not matter which agency, aside from the fact the situations were from the top down with bad management and training where the media was also complicit to do various coverups to that of the archival removal, and that of other operations like project veritas to false Russian dossiers found through the mix of various government scandals that had nothing to do with this book but the accusations which led up to weakness in the sovereignty of the states. On the web though I rarely ask this question now, is if anyone besides government knows about this, and that the situations of abusing a public means would stop to that of business in the private sector. The developer I understand did build since nineteen-ninety-four on up as one was a kid. Although this was before automatic interfaces - That being the internet or web to that of the foreign web or dark web known as TOR which used to be a project of the military and that version of Firefox. Though internationally there are other clients with their own terms of service. Most of the information is very personal, but perhaps someone would explain the truth to a younger generation not to make the mistakes of the past with the elder. Such, as pertains to that of the many regions global and beyond the own jurisdiction location may get that group of people or someone into serious trouble, but eventually the issue I said in my later days would boomerang back to its cause and someone be put with a few in the federal prison system and recorded on a database of colossal damages and people actually compensated or having peace in their mind to know the issues would die or settle over time. Though one can only speak for whom was affected but not the entire generational mystery of why was this not settled years ago and to where did it all go, that which was disbanded. And to what purpose has this? It is also to describe who was involved and how it relates also to that of cybersecurity, technology, and the consequences of so whom was not stable at that time if so, the situations were to be exacted upon reawakening or motive. As you can tell, the only person who usually investigates is sufferers, or those who knew a ten year or so history and had to connect the dots. Though accuracy of the report is questionable based on the practices of society and nature within a total of years to more. As that which changed was from an ancient to modern perspective, growing up with the talents of industry and that of a cabal or godly and science combination of beta tested on with satanic struggle – to understand the issues of why Mideastern rebels were on an old social media site to that of the games and influencing younger people to join a guild, unless one was curious asking questions and not knowing the intention. It is I left the guild of Anon Ops due to a hatred of the Jewish people but this was a situation because it was also anti-semantic of those in law and the world. I left it out of my own accord realizing the situations of the Middle East at that time though I was indirectly involved with the actual groups of ISIS, to terrorists, or more a situation. Compare this to the wars of Damascus and other articles lost on the web with world leaders. Yet others had their faith, some their belief, and others the persecution for understanding rather than the action of their deeds. Even the developers to those who knew about it before the author, they were also guilty. But to be proven innocent, is so much more than my story as applicable by respects in the legality of law for which one does not mention. Being found guiltless and blameless among the same group of similar people – by that I mean a fortunate side that stated I suffered enough; one has to understand the factors of whom knew in the highest of positions aside from those who were intellectual in charge of securities to also be told by violent people and be told that one was not responsible for their story. But otherwise, the situations were of rebels and protesters to that of social media and more lands. To how much damage did you a generation cause to people down the line. And those people understood not. Nor did the non-coder who was spared by each though involved in a cross to that of found forgiveness. The idiot of logic said, “They will not forgive, they would not forget. Expect us.” Though the innocent man of no intent would do the opposite of such and hold no grudge but serious sadness – the scar in my right hand reminds me each day and as I try to clear my mind, I only remember. But I had prayed in my desperation O LORD, you heard and answered a cry though one broke their hand in a mirror and got it stitched. What I punched was my anger, rage, sadness, and the manifestation of spirit will tell me if life does not first know it has also been leashed or unleashed – meaning people could have died or the cost was worthy of a blood sacrifice. Though in my hand and not by curse; I felt no pain through a torn hand but almost slashed the bone and marrow with a glass mirror. In my silence to stupidity O LORD, you healed me and your people with genuine compassionate prayer whom looked upon me and saw the suffering. A doctor to more had their field. Had it been for the doctors giving a man random drug or treatment without checking his brain or his heart, suggested by one medical professional of a Russian, I would have died though the other two doctors were different - German and African American. I shall not name them the doctors who I thought used me as an experiment of research or I felt like life was a beta test for their sake. Though the names were known. I might have been treated by more people though I knew not as being rolled around like a patient in a wheel-chair or incapacitated during a time. You ask what had I been interested in or what one has done to contribute to such a length of theories or storylines to that of what in the world did you go through. Problems came from its source to the people who inspired it yet it as much was admitted fell apart and the tale became no more to that of whom works in the field deserves a warning to, they whom also knew and caused intentionally theft to that of breakage and cheating deserve to be sent to a federal prison by their cause. Where the stories separated was a story of innocence and a child suffering with relational depression and life looking strangely down or up to the individual. It was upon many stories though this would be very confusing to explain them of each. This brings us back to the beginning. Or perhaps the story starts from the middle - sort of like an Apocrypha contrast to the Bible. Who protects the people though is sadly not the law enforcement if others cannot do their job to investigate in foreign affairs and yet it among the boards was a cause in particular departments? I do not have the job permissions to do this though information be declassified, but have suffered at the hands of witnessing such a grudge against government for false accusation as a kid and having family by a phone call harass my parents as a minor, yet if they had talked to me first, I would have been questioned or consequences greater. This was while working on an assignment though I was researching a biblical foundation stone improving faith and skills. Two agents wanting to question a man for what were you doing at your school, what did the interest of law, homeland security, and more have to do with this? Curious I ask others hoping they do not go through the situation of traumatic, to others would freak out if they actually knew, and many support chaos rather than efforts of peace whereas my situation was more of curiosity rather than intent to go into the federal databases or intelligence sectors. A man as a child was trying to build his faith in God, and look up a question what came before and after what – a Genesis question, and ended up on Homeland of Securities page at the high school during a time where much was going on with depression. You cannot lie with trademarks and timeline was an explanation for this fallacy. I had to find my answers by backtracking and history, where one cannot lie about it in references. Also, in college I eventually had been tempted into the interest of taking criminal justice and associate in arts major because one was mostly home-schooled compared to public, but now I cannot base life on that education whereas whom would use the report – the unfairness of having no degree and only possessions to evidence matters. I held three years of Jr. Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps as an elective to a Physical Exercise Class but it came with leadership training of being tormented and a depression knowing one kept their ranks as a memento and being bullied or pushed down a flight of stairs. This was before Anonymous and the treatments and counseling of more than one psychologist. The incident affected me up to my college years. It was around this time to further on up, my mind shut down and the world started falling apart because life was on a decline and the brain shut down for four months – a longest on record. Whereas what treatments for the suffering one has been put on detox for a month and was protected by my mother from the strange experiments that doctors would perform on one. My technical skills or memory was great despite the fact that one used to play games and I knew the vulnerabilities of corporations to their ethical histories. Or the issues were prevented aside from an adult being strangely sent to a psychotic ward or child’s unit in a hospital. The damage to my head was that severe, they thought one would not recover and people before me changed for greater or worse. I could not hold a spoon, to remember family members yet I could read. They stuck needles in my hands or IVs as some were ready to pull the plug, or try to keep me alive. As if society did not know what a human being actually was with a soul in them though it is one was not popular as a student yet knew the forgiveness of foundation. Therefore, the innocence of that led to a peace and not a similar path among the choice of those who held hatred or greed in their heart. A later incident during the time there were supporters - I had to admit, though it was on sale, the police would understand a small kid, wanting to go after them and warn others about this and not to support the violent action, would tell them, do not sell the Guy-F-Mask in a store to that of support the stupidity of the boards and generations dare you sell that shirt of them. If I find you selling it unless it has been sold, I would destroy it or expose it. Then they will understand part of the pain, though one has taken a tough burden among their shoulders at that time because at that time, the police were notified because of this incident yet nothing stated. The FBI contacted her by telephone yet if I had any idea who the two agents were, I believe they harassed my family rather than tried to help. They could not question a minor as that would not be legal. It was that time I had a grudge against the government who is supposed to protect the nation’s people. Well, that be us of the public whereas the leadership today is crooked compared to those who actually had sanity with mutual respects. Over time, No longer do I see it on the store to that of people and the case had fallen away because I could admit this story as the cases of more to people were hidden or not admitted. Or more likely, much had formed into the tech mafia, from mix of cult and industry and generations died with the chrono-virus caused by China which was mainly a threat to the international world. Written among the titles of them were the bad admin boards – known as the case of Chan boards with Japan and government, to the cyber rings of Bangladesh, and that of Germany, rebel five, the Dutch – Actor V-Vendetta or Dark Web Actor as that of their origin – which strangely reunites with his mysterious family but found through the story of someone named Seymore on You-tube to Leo of Law Enforcement – The vigilante The Mysterious Gillani on a Vice video, knowing that the people who worked in the FBI for one consisted of those people. So, it proves that Anonymous was part of the industry or foreign intelligence FBI to CIA – learning about traditors in government like Xavier Sabu and others like Edward Snowden who stole from the NSA during his job position; according to them or whistleblowers era. Syria and areas like Damascus, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, and more locations of concern which hacked or sold passwords in the deep web up to year 2022 and is a technical threat. You can find the areas of stupidity through the news of Julien Assange, news of Ferguson, the case of George-Floyd leading up to BLM, and cases also supporting the archives with the Anonymous Operating System that was taken but then destroyed because of malware, and others such as WZR of the Microsoft rings such as Team OS built the system to gathered it. So, Bill Gates and more to law are responsible for what they know to that of archivists who collected images. Found within was the Linux Operating System called the Anon OS. Password was so obvious that it was the default, though Linux has commands that allow one to steal the user access. So, this was a concern and vulnerability. But it was built by the FBI to Peter H. Alvin a former hacker. Developers involved with the history of the Arab Spring uprising against dictatorships in the desert should be aware of what was found in my college books but we cannot deny by this the sands of time have technology to that of I learned about the situations of leaders or dictators like the democratic scandals of Biden, Elder-Gon in the desert, and Putin of Russia and Xi of China with CCP. If other countries or corporations acted in accordance, though I knew the vulnerability of a system structure to more, not through the methods of hacking, but eye-witness in back-linking, someone needs to really improve the protocols and not be rogue with the practices of how the economical market grows and to understand the safety standards of others. How much evidence did the school actually need, or that of my old high school, when I filed the report and it was not known from a list of sources? What backed up my case was the history of others and their stories, along with cybersecurity books found in your local library, to the fact of what the US suffers today, is similar to the case of Israel in its morals. With the faith of GOD, I defend not the action, yet I defend the memory of what the LORD has provided me with, for he was an inheritance and blessing with protectorate that healed me as others prayed for me in that hospital over a time of four months to, I regained a lost time-line. My writings show a respect for GOD in a dying world or repetitious is the sadness of society and the mockeries by injustices to sacrificial people who want to show a flaw or more in Christianity. Understand similar cases of Scientology to that of Christian Mandela or the rebels against that man to that of the Church. However, society would be pure anarchy at this point, though the case was actually cultural, counterworld, and paganistic. I shall have no pity on the Popes if un-pure of the Vatican to the council international making laws for my place – that being a sovereign nation under the guise above a president or its own leadership elected by the people during the time of President Barack Obama - From which the ancient to modern grew or changed. They worked with me as I was silent the doctors and more. I could not speak to them. Yet, I knew not who pushed me down those stairs and my mother was deeply concerned for my well-being and growth as my mind shut down after the incident was reported. I asked myself what happened to a generation also of people where society chose to go down the drain. They wanted more than what they could achieve by profession and greed rather than working. Or was it they inherited and became greedy? I know not. I told myself if I were a father or person in charge, I would tell them society of many more deserved not to be parents for the trash they put us the younger through – by this I mean my elders and those who treated their kids as slave pawns in society. Yet we are to have a respect for those of a strong compassion and more than that of the world. I believe some of what I stated in this expressiveness of a report you ask who or what was Anonymous. Well, there was more on a website or their icons, but the references are older whereas the generation changes in a decade. I will not describe some of the information in this report as some of it is confidential and violation of much privacy discernment according to the so-called liberals and rebels who love to remark with that of certain sufferers. Because of each of them, you have the results you got today aside from the law being completely not transparent with the people. And the Ukraine and Russian war could have been avoided though I felt at the same time people from the desert supported efforts by them in that war for certain sides. Understanding the issue, the world blames America, start blaming the cause it will boomerang back to Biden and Xi, and Putin for trying to bring back with more the old Soviet. To the desert far it shall reach and to many regions. The history of the Mideastern people whom had a grudge against a free land and many others. Since nine-eleven or that day when one was young and those dying in Afghanistan later on, we can only imagine the dramatic scene. Well, some of us who witnessed it first hand, to those who also saw in my growth days, though one as I was younger at that time than the report – remember nine-eleven. The government would have a lot of explaining to do for the crises which occurred towards the homeland and allowing the senselessness of corrupt powers. However, this was an inside job or crime committed by top officials during Bush’s era, aside from that of three or four planes headed straight for a tower or another location. A loss of many lives. The only problem aside from such of that mention was the towers fell straight, so there was a problem with construction or the flooring. Some factors were mentioned by those who suspected much of the situation to first hand respondents. How does this information even relate to the report? Well, if we include the deeds of the desert and those needing to be rescued, though more than three-thousand or so lives were lost you have to consider who the victims and such were around the time of Saddam Hussein. Then you had Assad after toppling a terrorist organization regime. There usually would during those days be copycats though some leaders are fortunate to step down hopefully. But this could have been a situation that led to rogue groups as ISIS, which was dealt with later or stated to be dealt with when the sands were blown up. Though the problem was the manipulation of the schools to what the radical professors of the teachers’ unions were teaching, which was the generation of lack in the schools to that of the radical leftists and people that would leave out the study of Christianity but teach people Islam in the colleges to schools. I was fortunate not to be in school when they were radicalized, though I had an issue with a professor who stated he wrote the book, so only he was correct. The teacher was wrong and had a perspective that taught only a series of old consequence behavior compared to one or so paragraph of Christianity. It is knowing the situation about your theology or history teacher being a professor could lead to serious issue. Thus, to solve the whole ancient struggle to that of stupidity with law, they decided to commit cancel culture with the law and a repeat generation or just hide their shame. The stupidity of others and communities that form that are radical – they talk about inclusion for bad practice, LGBT and sickness of humanity, and later on the television you see someone from the Satanic temple speaking up for the wrong intentions but this is an issue if good people do not stick up for appropriateness to Godly standards. Where is inclusion for those equally regardless of race and the straight? It is not mentioned which is a curse throughout the ages. Though the man was old in his days to certain schools made a choice to get rid of all clubs that were after school cause it was a sacrificial scenario in the present day. Always those who are anti-Israel we can compare to the congressmen of some officials and those who definitely had to be gotten rid of in their positions like The Squad to that of Omar who in fact was anti-Semitic. The problem I stated was with the people who wanted to run the senate aside from the justices. And it was the foolish of people like Bernie Sanders and the radicals to be elected to the senate by the stupidity of rebels that torn down businesses across the western states. Influenced by old radical excuse of race to run on. So, society had de-funded protections rather than acknowledge the fact that only those corrupt would try to manipulate them. Compare this with the battle against republicans, though one as I am an independent who does not support liberalism of rebels that destroy main businesses to an influential era of Democratic scandal and that of the repetitious blame media – similar to those who want to blame the states or associate themselves to comedians like Trevor Noah bashing those who protect a nation for at least four through seven years. Schumer and Bernie Sanders They are Marxist with Anti-American principle and communistic – reason explained for since the time of High Justice Kavanaugh though dates unsure. But these were also of the democratic who abused the will of the people and manipulated an election with that of big tech corporations such as the mainline and that of the Twitter, Facebook – known as Meta, and Google, perhaps some of YouTube; or you could just include most social media sites out of that spectrum. As the outcome later on was seen. The laws of the land are not supposed to be in favor of one political party or the other, but such would be a horrible case if the democrats were in charge or republicans were split. Though one party has community and power, and the other finances of the American people. It was the Western states also got damaged with Biden and Obama’s immigration policies which led to the deaths and more of many people, also situations involving this - from trying to keep smugglers of drugs and more out of the boarders of the states. Also, during this time, people were dealing with cases of murder or abortion and rights of women. Though it is stupid someone in law and society could not define what a woman is. And I have no rights to state as a man besides what is sane to nature. Rather than much per say – a man should not have to explain it to a woman, or that stupid who cannot define moral respect to that of the functions body appropriately. Yet, this is the brilliance of those whom were elected to the law office and more to those who promote murder over that in compare to being defensive of pro-life? Outside of the womb and it is murder. What do people have to get besides babies being still born within? Still, that would be identified a situation for women who deal with situations committed by fallacies of mankind to that of irresponsible relations or condition of the body. Reason to have an abortion for woman is sexual assault and bringing no harm to the mother hopefully though the issue should have been left to each state and the mother rather than law violate the rights of individuals through the management. Another influence of the democratic stupidity was the covid situations which knocked out the education and services for many people. Basically, you could not keep your doctor under the Obamacare act, and most insurances would not cover. The democratic of law blame shift though you run into some republican traditors to their own party – In modern day, it would be those who did not support American first policy for the safety of the side of the world to that of the international boarder. And the world was affected and nobody did anything to stop China but they hid the fact that the situation was caused by those higher up with Dr. Faluche. If you were a doctor in the medical field, and you use data-mining research and people as an experiment, you are also guilty of the loss of life to many people through the actions committed with your policies and the creation or influx of vaccinations to a virus. Even if the vaccines were partially finished, it was much safer than taking a booster that is untested and forced – whereas others would lose their jobs by management. At least, that is what I would have said if I was in law considering the issues of some cases could not be prevented on a global scale from the Wuhan lab. Yet that is committing a natural sin and biological disaster. This happened during the elections. Everything done was to keep the democratic morons in power to ruin the states and the law and big tech were in on it. So now you got Biden also working with the CCP and the world ruined. You each must be so proud of yourself, with sarcasm I shall tell the radical leftist liberals though some would then say am I speaking for the right or left, when both sides were wrong – aside from the conservative independents who are bashed by radical parties and thrown into the mix. Though not to accuse the people a country did not like the situations of Donald J. Trump because of egotism or leadership pride yet they are in no shape better with Biden as President though the democratic making laws with that of incompatibility and that of a failure as a mockery. American people sadly do not get to read the law before it is published into the region through the abuse of democratic power and governmental issue. China’s people have it hard right now along with the Russian people for plain ignorance to accept the opportunities for disaster and use it against people of Ukraine rather than the causes though these be factors of situations which lead to another aftermath. The world should stop Putin and help Ukraine – aside from the US giving away its security and defenses which it needs to defend its own people. So, it brings us to Xi. The idiots want to work with China in office – and examples were from Biden’s son situation. Well, you have a balloon flying over the states and the parties do nothing to stop the idiocy. Before all this, hopefully someone would have dealt with Putin who committed crimes against Ukraine and the Russians must deal with him to that of the head of his generals – The problem, this did not happen as expected and the idiots would let him march through to Poland and the US supply help to Zelensky, or was it on the fault of the World’s behalf? Everyone is to blame aside from those who wanted stability. There needs to be someone of peace to handle the idiocy of the elders and not be like Barack Obama and the democratic of time that state we will leave our issues up to the next generation. Though people in power or more elected with people who tore down the country a vice president to more that could not officially run-in office behind the scenes – all one party sided to that of Kamala Harris to avoid through a time yet they had better people to elect. Whoever gave him the peace-prize, it will be stripped from the integrity of this man, as also he was a cause with those of officials and society did nothing but let it happen. Deal with Biden and whoever is running him as a puppet as commander in chief to that of his Son’s laptop scandals. That would be the best solution for people currently in this world at the moments of the insanity chain. The leaders at the council or world should deal with Putin and others who are against maternity hospitals and growth to preserve life. China is the main problem currently, but the crucible three theory is when you take out one the system will break. Rather than this, take on all the causes at the same time and the situation will heal. It will however, be owed, compensation for the damages and losses. From the stupidity also of the desert, many regions were involved in the war situation with that of Ukraine and Russia as some of them whom I spoke of earlier to support war. And on channels to that of the international servers it violates many rights and undermines the people whereas other places hold statistics in real time. Though there is a lack of jobs, it is even if there were, people would not want to do them do to a lack of pay or respect. Yet there has to be a source of living in a modern-day world preserved.
    Some of my old typing projects I contain in the void and were rescued, to be saved before they were lost. This collection of writings contains truth that is meant to heal strains. Yet many as I want to forget but cannot - A faithful one who grew from the ancient to modern. A prayer and ode to my LORD that I shall live life to the fullest, yet not immortal or with power corrupt. Within stories and more insertion of the memories rest the world’s chaos to that of its peace. For one to many more were an author of knowledge in much that fade away. In time, they crucify meaning seen. Shall people not cling O gracious! You are the light amore. Crucify prideful way; till I see. greater vision be. Life's eternity and wisdom proven shine the way. In the light of the dawn, in the light of the mourn, our passion - a gain of lesson within? O night shine brightly as never before. You are a full of price with glory. Whom touches or calls on holiness? By thus, to day shall I to it remain - a peace and more of memory. No evil to good decision makes till I to life forsake. Something more is greater than I see. Truth be lessons on realities and philosophies. In their actions I denounce not the individuals but the disregard to considerations. Some may be offended or make an outburst of excuse but surely these are your aggressors to start arguments before the main point of a speech to find a standard and go by the opposite of it or break down for not a cause legit, unless they do not want to hear, though people can go elsewhere or ask me a point why even state as so to lower an argument from happening during a valid or invalidity of speech. For as a man harm, he can speak also for greater good to do not so, but listen to each with healing, but not abide by all. Pertaining back to the aspect which we shall see of many sides which is this. For the light or darkness clings to their way. For a gate opens upon the thought to the priorities of much influence since an example of birth in a child or do decide a path for that whom is born to the natural world. In their craftiness, the rebel denies the decision maker such as the teacher disregard the elements of truth that taught them to claim it of prosperity in their own way. As such is a growing learner who practices academics and tries to understand subject matters though strictly this is not really an educational basis but philosophic speech to compare living. For the being younger learns from the elder and vice whosoever giveth more or so raise. It is not for me to tell the parent how to raise a child, unless they were unwise a protectorate or caretaker as so to abandon or I saw an example in my own time to ages. Though in spite we put away childish things, the memory of those things is so part of us in growth. The idols of vision mankind shall not cling over the truth of their heart have remorse to the witness for what so prove. It is they could devalue the living because they could understand greater and therefore are blind to the obliviousness of self-passions to less willing to accept realism or try to escape from responsibility to accept a void unless seeing a different reality from the one so desired. The heretical act people show yet who shall forgo for less and overcome with council? Shine forth noble radiance and prove me wrong so either side unless it be standing still – that whomsoever’ s passion still stands. The only problem, then people would want to return to the similar cause for an argument about who was more powerful than whom to did this man just tell me he was in the place of whom. Thus, the author of my own way would not accept but for dignity’s sake of self as so to not pick a side. Eventually what so tells me is not just my option but that which prove among the wiser as to lead to a greater cause for purpose. It of final destinations is not up for life to determine its greater hell or heaven’s rest the devil or demon thereof to many a similar passion as self if so accepting one side or the other. Usually life, would tell, otherwise it is spiritual conflict within. Conquer thine pride and selfishness in a world that despises you from losing its love as ages progress and the world in its dawn became wicked but shameful of reality in disgrace to balance. Where the ages die and are revealed in light anew and the wicked pass of old ages to become curse for the living manner excepting us to some embrace. In that scar of memory somewhere talents and living way are held, yet truly with each limitation one who makes a choice denies the person whom they naturally are in modern or past perspective. To maintain that purpose is to claim much truth or prove it more than life shun to the reality that become of one. This indulgence rest within the family or its council to we so desire in our deepest loneliness of friendship in society to relation. It rests from the eyes of a younger generation to stereotypical elder discrepancy. And life may comprehend but never understand its natural respects besides isolation, persecution, or healing to trials associated within similarities. How many must go against the blood of innocence? It is for this cause that there is suffering aside from the selfishness to reward unless healing of each to minimal though immense the struggles. Greater vision more than we partakes of morale according to the mankind to humanity understands to follow after the truth not of each to the self but life’s source to an essence. No matter what refusal it is not to claim one for the non-believer who is a witness nor associate to the attribute to force but to deem so countless the necessity of truth. For those whom so grow without the principle applies to those who are unknowing or did accustom to much the natural way. It is by this their choice to follow a message is the acceptance or denial of what they so deem to follow after or learn from and therefore not my choice as a man to make for them, whereas innocence shows its light in the factors of morality and not to judge based on the influences as so to even act upon. Though the wrong is demoralizing the associated by nature or conduct it is an attribute each one of purity value or to find imperfections perfect in the eyes. It is not so to state of the body but of the mind as each one witnesses aware of truly whom they are or what so they choose to be. It is not to change the world’s order or create a naturalistic persecution by sexism to nationalistic or racial association but the acceptability of growth to understand. Mentality shows us our indulgence from the action also within reason how many could associate but not get over the issues of old though everyone has some preference. The carnality of each seeks lust and crucifix in the favor for a mental excuse to denounce the beauty in the truth to the senses of the greatest theologian practice their research on the man before knowing thine-self. Thus, we each with a stroke have some sense of what is craving lustful or divine or that which is human. It is not for me to know how it is expected the formalities or to know everything, but so to understand what forms the content aspect that stabilizes truth as so the lie if so, one was to contradict or the willingness of lack in morale to be respected among the unjust to the just. Therefore, true justice rests in peace, not in my way or that of the man but essence of so what partake in an acknowledgment. For that is noble of witness. Maybe not to the man or the self, but the eyes beyond my knowing if so, there were a beholder or that of whom so had faith in humanity for the glory in a systematic and manipulative world. To see beyond my vision is a dream reality, or fantasy, for what so comprehended is the manifests may life could someday or perhaps not reach. In that which did not make all happy in perfection but to acknowledge it by such stating something is there of many, one is content and at rest. Of whom acknowledged? And that is the question as so we see our greatest lack of fear or courage to admit among the common actions, with or without a wrong showing freedom rest in the eyes of truth to beholders over the impracticalities of nonsense as so to make life a fantasy without sanity and indulgence. Thus, a change in many more. Even if I saw grace or chaos, life acknowledged its sanity to reasons realistic without the sacrifice of heart in whole. It became a part in us – the first of each to that whoso was our ancestor’s wisdom. By acting indulgent, we are left alone in fear and lies by seeing whom we are – we are stable with practical sanity to understand in partial or common man would not have respect upon its truth to some would try but many not understand less they sought so great value above possibility for all. Thus, respect in totality of perfection for which nothing is so as described in formalities but relative to its proofs. I was working with understanding languages in context, but the truth is I am the one who was the first to have a thought of uniqueness which is the quote below. Much has given me hope to inspire journalism.
    [In a generation, I saw heavenly numbers. The more clarity shines in the heart, the brighter the eyes shine. In it, the willingness to understand the viewer leads to the procedure in which dusk is resolved as dawn. The truth of it is to the naked lesson. Still isolated, not side, I could not touch or grab the concept because I was seeking treasure. It's not for my pride, it's a shield that enhances my new strengths. My honesty, righteousness, is the reason to piece together natural but eternal emotions. Not for my glory, but within the limits of sanity reasons. Calamity imitates, but it proved my life setting the sun of both innocent and unknown forces. Therefore, regardless of light or shade, each consciousness, compassion grows. It is a larger whole single consciousness, a source of revealed wisdom.] – SAMUEL
    A man or woman grows up from their childhood. One mother or father. If one grows up with multiple parents or without, that is the fault of elder affairs or whatever affected the circumstances to leave a behind a man within the environment. To that also of whom inherits, blessed be the child with many virtues. Yet they inherit, they do not understand the complexity till ages pass. Who am I to state that the one must be abandoned or cultivated to learn? It is of what the seek diligently based on the life, to that whose treasure they as I inherit. The cost is extreme cause it pains the elder to care for a child. But in this compensation, they too must have a heart of own with compassion to be worthy as parents before God. Who am I too speaking, for I too, am a child, and might one day be a father? It is in this I state to individuals, not because I knew you, but because I understood my own way, I tell myself, who teaches life compared to a brainwashed education. The system wants one to grow up civil, yet others base it on the life to the pressures of mankind. The term religion to me defines factors for which many have sought or divided; though each term in this category is of own definition. When people tell me do not bother me over religion or politics, because they are tough subjects, or with digression people argue their views and persecute their fellows. They blast out the conversation unless people have an intention or way to communicate similar topics or heart. There is a time, and place to be discussed but the world will not allow people to speak their mind clearly besides tell them to go elsewhere. I am not afraid to speak my thought besides with due unacceptably that it is like talking to a void of silence because for wrong reasons, justifiable and not so, life is accused. When those of teachers persecute the aspect of mentality, they actually scar the mentality of living way and God. When those of people act like heretics, they affect the perception of individuals and people who knew not with compassion like I are shunned or excommunicated from society. The world was wicked before me but the crown of the devil was beaten by Christ in ancient days; as well as conflicted are we to many who have prayed for those to be lost not with the devil, for they learn the aspect of love divine. In retrospect to the church, persecuted are the preachers and the explorers, for they knew not the world trying to convert them rather than to understand the reasoning behind the issue to that of many of those who unlike I, with a perception or memory of God in respect have fallen. Others through guise of goodness, accept the wealth of the people to bash innocence. Although with goodness hopefully they give rather than issue of benefit. It is to grow up in a cashless society or technical world, many think like the laws that bind the man rather than help the hard-working people. I can only speak for myself when I state my life does not compare to the suffering individual yet I too had my times with health. The corporations will charge a fee on the working class and it is shameful knowing they already own and are charged for natural resource over that of non-renewable sources as some took their own. My perception is thus my own to many others. Yet I am not in the steps of many. Yet, I ponder at the ethics to how they act, a people. Expect a man to follow God’s law, and the governments and people persecute it because they want power to others had suffered so dearly with the faith and many as more as I, cannot live peacefully without forced condition or regret. Any man who understands the corruption has a choice to turn from or follow unlike the past where it was obviously submit or die. It does not give people the right to make a world unstable or to commit genocide to a group of particular people. The groups that are blamed through the processes of generation to ethnicity, to society, there is no excuse for the descendants. Race or nationality – the color of skin as clarified by grouping, others to people are prejudice, because they look at a man and see him or judge the accent of where one is from. Yet everyone has their own when it comes down to relations or troublesome issues. People try to blend in with the groups around them but in the real world you still have segregation of individuals, even that of the flaws in the education system to that of job sector, and churches. It is that nobody is exactly the same which sort of destroys the purpose for a united populace. If the world learns biblical principles that are true mostly according to the word of God, they are not perfection, but they are blessed with a mighty arm for understanding how to beat the devil within and beyond powers. Truth will be set free. Yet as far as other beliefs are concerned, eventually the world will respect flesh and spirit, though there is one God over all idol to vain thoughts to mankind. For one who understands the past, they also known the future where situations repeat of the ancient, and people who are wicked will only see the violence or sadness in their soul. In what I summarize was the stupidity of people to accept demons rather than guard themselves against it. Therefore, the worse of them who seek after it, shall become it and those of others who repent can turn from it, or greatly they suffer according to not my will, but life. The issue here is people bow down to ancient deities but understand everyone admires a vision of Godlike or powerful attributes which makes diversity a subject of interest. It helps mankind define who or what is truly a ruler to rather a need for them from the heart. Who is brave to speak for them – the ancient and forgotten and those left behind of modern? Is it of God to speak rather than remain mute? For in that question, they challenge God through man; but in my heart to mind, manifest is of the ancient to reflect back as of time to that of the modern to look back and see the old ways. It is life will compare the man to negative terminology, but rest assure each individual has their flaw, to that of life and death its own. The people and the developers I blame for the loss of culture, but it was my time that strayed, to that world valiant at its efforts to progress of each. O world, you act civil in mutual agreement, but are not, whereas once a place of many, there are many who seek after. Who curses and blesses a generation that was and is to speak up against the elder, and to revile the youth that abhor not hatred? I did not label just one group of people, to have them undignified before a man as I, to have them stray and follow leaders without due acceptance, to many lords. Yet there is one above all. As I must decrease, God shall increase. My only insanity as a believer is this, that many have forgotten and twist my belief asunder. They have been mute before me and people lose their faith only to find confusion or acceptance. So, they made the scripture void through life. But a positive assurance lives among dust and revitalizes the mind, to help me better understand a paradox of why do I think so when in fact knowledge thus increase. There is not one pure before me besides that love I had felt and to hold compassion or empathy.