• Somethings are remembered like the past has now been.
    What we truly forgot was what our goal is.
    We redirect our attention to foolish things.
    When we should remember these:
    *We should take care of ourselves
    *Our body does not belong to us, we just borrowed it from God
    *Committing sins, physical or mental should be asked for forgiveness
    *Be cautious of what you say, words can hurt
    *Everything and everyone has it's own meaning of existence
    *Do not feel you are not loved.
    *Everything has it's time of being
    *Every heart is fragile
    *Every friend is close
    *An ending is a beginning
    *Learning is a gift
    *Changes are meant to be adapted
    *Fear nothing and no one but God
    *Imagination has no limitation
    Many more we should remember, many more we forget but much more is to learn.
    So do not forget.