• The God designed life and inspired the book for mankind.

    Beloved are you O Earth though I knew not thee yet understood.
    Generation to generation a letter written in mind.
    Life is no book, yet proven among its observance.
    The words taught to us and through works more.
    Preaching they as they to teach us elder to youth.
    Till the days they listen no more and forget authorship of He that knew us.

    Though mankind search out an answer as an isolate.
    O branch of morale ills, Forsaken is thine love.
    Yet wherefore is thine sting O sorrows or are conflicted as purity?
    Mix not your way among them - the judged crusaders present time without reason.
    Merciful is those whom you not judge O blessed ones and pray for each to heal.
    The captor is to release the man of his way as spare some the individual.

    And patience welcomes us to the table for our thought to deeds inspired.
    For life is a mirror's attribute and manifest by the ages that comes to pass and dine.
    Greater than laziness of we, known some not the life.
    And they each upon heart, write a story of own.
    Observed they stand a multitude.
    Yet, of them decision made.

    Either they welcome with arms of grace.
    Or truly there is broken soul, some beyond repair.
    The Lord shall inherit or heal the hearts.
    They shall acknowledge and see
    Corrupt not goodness with wickedness.
    As much to blend and it turns out mute.
    They understand truth as principle.

    Relative to the heart O direction afar.
    Yet they perish at hands of ignorance.
    Many more asunder know not.
    They gather up to them mercenaries.
    The people open up the door.
    Cast forth they to be outcast-ed.

    So the greatness of old teach no more.
    Wickedness corroded wisdom.
    Gathering of them and census,
    The times and maker of grand-design...
    This is a people, yet they gather no more.
    Tensions repeat of thine youth or the world is censored.

    Much as a magistrate teach.
    A powerful arm strike a chord.
    The merciless fall as the judge and falseness of divines.
    Yet compassion fails not less abusive.
    O ye to we of little witness.
    Define to me, how great.

    Great is thine desire.
    Merciless is the heart.
    Naturally good is the man at the youth unaware.
    Till they as I know our heresies way.
    In greater authority, there is none.
    Even if so challenged, they commit to action with entirety of truth.

    Thus a rule of council.
    The people are protected.
    And many abide for their purposes.
    In a world of similarity, though not admiration...
    Much be vain among that which grow to reap.
    But rather, reap to sow a distinction to many fruits.

    For knowing our way life grant forth wisdom.
    It cries in the streets of modern not so but past.
    Generalities shall bring truth to bare.
    But will not bring happiness or rise the grave.
    Is to say, what of the mind to myself lost?
    Life itself contains the virtues of God.

    Shall it be that they of virtue lose patience?
    In that day, I shall test the heretics.
    As they tested God, (see below.)
    Mankind judges themselves as I also a man.
    Through sacrifice greater it is vain.
    For the one is not one to accept its stain.

    I tell them. Change not but for better.
    Improve your condition O Earth.
    But they shall reap what the benefit of others are.
    As have I but in this, I welcome myself a cross.
    I shall inherit it though sad would be those of us.
    As he who was Iscariot betray Christ, I loved the fellow not for wealth or powers.

    And that man deserved as those false Christians to some - as I aware - a devil part a hell.
    I am not the devil, yet his cults and heretics shoot their darts and arrows or try to the soul.
    But I said to myself shall it be that peace define. It of myself will I not be till mankind force it.
    On himself to many more, many they shall persecute because many were unstable.
    Why judge I the sinner? It is not the sinner I shall, but the persecutor and captor.

    Till they see it a wrong in me to harm as they the conflicted...
    Rebuke the man for fear but accuse not for malice.
    As such is mercy to be found blameless.
    The good and wicked spared many - as I also from the practice to group of chaos.
    But it is the Godhead, the greatest magistrate to King that determines our ways.

    If I am not judged by man or those who understood me...
    I ask myself am I the judge of my own fear or doubt or self.
    I fear not as a Christian for the God shall set me right.
    The ancient argue and the modern conflict with laws to social status.
    Who among us follows the law if each man as I broke ten or the full?
    But rest O soul noble and be at ease O life I pray - for thine respect is with God.

    For you had spared the sinners as I, to pray for them.
    And life pure to many more, I also, is set free.
    It does not excuse it and our actions to mankind's indignation.
    But indeed through Christ We adapt to our old and new foundation.
    For those who have hope in and work with His compassion...
    A citizen of paradise are each - even those who knew not my own fellows.

    Therefore, I look and see through mind.
    Though idle is the thought and life remain silent.
    It is through the first-twentieth centuries knowledge forms.
    And if there is more it forever I wonder, how old is a Lord's day.
    Thereby stating, it is not the living first, but his memory indeed I claim or guard a part.
    Though, not to know it all - I know beyond a doubt God is worthy even if we know not our way.

    We each choose a side and life shall hide itself beyond.
    But their secrets are told through historians as the author.
    Those who changed or rewritten it, shall be re-proven by the old.
    They of the new inherit as the lands that form their sovereignty anew.
    Each one is different of the way they grow though worship no man and also not I.

    For in thus, I live on the law of the prophets and mostly God.
    In His way, he shall cross by my path, and rebuke me.
    I know this for a fact, the sword of the Lord is greater than demonic to the prophet dark.
    The prophets and light slay the darkness within we, though let life live its choice.
    And that is indeed, some lands shall see the real truth which the word has written for each.

    Life exist.
    Who am I to say what is sovereign?
    Who am I to say what is free?
    Who am I to acknowledge what is eternal.
    I ask who gives a man his thoughts and patience to live each day.
    It is an acknowledgement forsaken not and the God shall not be forsaken.

    The Devil is not God. For that was a created being.
    And life shall define who the living God is.
    Rest assured. The living God is not as powerful as the God of Israel.
    And that I can assure you is Christ himself.
    For I am no idol server for man and material I not honor, and I too a mono-theist.

    Yet they will conflict the belief saying how can you believe in two Gods?

    I state to them, have you heard of God in the flesh and spirit as a man is born in existence as a man relates to another? So be it of similar though not the same but that spirit which was in the beginning with the thoughts and manner of He.

    I do not understand my belief nor do you state the wicked. And the life shall tell them this.

    The wicked rebuke the pure and those of Christ to any good belief of practice.
    Not the nature that is sick shall they rebuke.
    I will not convert a man, but do not preach the heresy of lies I tell to them.
    I too will judge my own as well as the heretic who pretends to be us then fall away.
    So states that of a man to Lord
    And above that Lord, our God.

    History in the future of corporations will try to hide what mankind believes.
    Thereby stating, what morale have you O earth to that of the business.
    And the ethics define you to that of law and research, the instruction of teachers.
    Through what they had taken from others, many have learned.
    And it much of man decrease as goodness increase to that of its time.
    For life was a survivalist compared to us to nonsocial or faithless generation.

    Who searches for God in modern day.
    We know him by heart to the name.
    Can we not seek him?
    Or if they sought him... what would they do?
    Mankind is vile therefore, God knows us not.
    So shall wicked be conflicted and find God...
    Also so shall the pure in heart see God for who He was and is.

    Define they many names though there is one God.
    As purity tests the virtues of sickness in reality to vitality...
    So God gives life as a test to the spirit.
    Who inherits the mind of the living?
    The memory is ingrained and eternal.

    Had life wanted to be by itself, there would be no life.
    Nor would there be any man but for God to define the glory.
    Thereby stating... Life and death is not perfection.
    But the intentions of life are pure over that of execution.