• 3/2/09. I got my first kiss from my crush.
    It was on a bus.
    Soon as his face got closer to me, I slowly closed my eyes to make a slow blink, but my eyes didn't want to open.
    I felt something soft on my lips.
    A couple of seconds later, it faded away.
    I opened my eyes and he opened his.
    I told him "Wow...That felt weird...".
    "...Want to do it again?", he said.

    For the longest time, I thought I was the loser. I was the ugly. I was every one of the insults that you can come up with.
    There was this girl named Tracy, who goes to my sister's school and people believed that she was worse than I was. She came up with lies that made everyone sigh and walk away from her. Once, she told my sister that when she was still in Maryland, she had two boys fighting over her. When my sister told me that, I told her this: "If I don't have guys fighting over me, then that's a DEFINITE lie.".

    I fell in love with him somewhere around middle of November.
    When I thought about him once and then felt my heart pound like I ran 5 miles without a water break, I thought to myself: YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. I was starting to become like the main female character who blushes a lot and gets her heart pounding real fast. Except I don't think I blushed...

    I think he started getting interest in me about a week after Valentines day. I forgot to buy chocolates and sweets to my friends that day. So I bought a pack of M&Ms, and gave it to him. He didn't have anything with him either, so he gave me a dollar. I guess he never thought he would be getting something for Valentines day too. He started coming to me more often, and started poking me and such. I guess those were the happiest days ever for me.

    Then the day that I told him that I liked him, we got our first kiss, blah blah blah, we kissed 3 more times after that, blah blah blah.

    That friday, it was our MPA day. MPA is a big day for our school band, getting rated for our performance. On our way to MPA, we started making out on the bus. My friend, Abbie, she was the one who supported me to ask him out at first, became an obstacle to my love. She told me that we kiss weird, we are going to end up like Romeo and Juliet, you guys are going to end up having sex on the floor while we are at the dance, etc. I stopped listening to her negativity for a while, but after a while, she was following me like a lost puppy.

    To satisfy her, I stopped kissing him.

    I stopped.

    Then the relationship started to fade.

    Now that summer vacation is about to end, and still haven't gotten the chance to talk to him, I feel like I'm starting to fade too.
    It doesn't matter if we can still date or not, but I do want to talk to him like I used to again.
    But my cell phone is broken and my friend who has his number is still in Philippines.

    I have satisfied one person, but sacrificed my love and relationship.

    I'll post a second edition of this when something good or bad happens between us.