• Halley, a 14-year old kid, normal and young, having much to learn about the world. Halley woke up in the same, boring morning she was always used to, but she saw noone in her house. She changed into a red wool jacket, tight red jeans and fuzzy boots. She put her works from school into her backpack. At first she thought her mom and dad left to work earlier than before. She made a quick breakfast, then locked the door to go to school. She walked silent in the cold, windy Monday morning. She felt strange, seeing noone on the road but herself, quickly she ran to school thinking she was late. As she arrived to Dwayne High School, it felt as if no living soul was on the planet. She creepily walked to the first stairs of the school but as she did, she heard a mysterious noise behind the park's playground nearby. She hesitaly walked to the park, with a pepper spray she always carried since there could be any rapists in the neighborhood. She saw hoards of people standing on the playground as if they're lifeless, not moving an inch. She quickly saw her mom and dad, and rushed toward them with gleaming tears of joy in her eyes but as she approached closer and closer, she saw no life inside of them. Their eyes were whiten out as if by magic and their body still as a rock. The whole town of adults was there, then they all looked straight at Halley and started walking towards her. Halley however, kneeled to the ground, and realizing her nightmare was coming true. She quickly got up and ran toward her home as fast as she came with now, tears of sadness. Along the way, she kept thinking, 'How'd this happen,? It's just a dream!!".. At first, she thought it really was a dream and kept realizing that it was until she closed her eyes to get out of this world and opened them to find out she was still here. She managed to stop at Woven Streets which was 2 blocks from her home. She looked back and found noone following her.. She couldnt possibly believe this nightmare was coming true so she visited her friend, Katie's house. She kept running and running until she reached to Katie's house. She ranged the doorbell and was quickly glad that Katie was there in her pajama.
    "Hally, what happened? You've got worries in your eyes..." Katie said. Katie invited Halley in and escorted her to a couch nearby while she got hot chocolate ready. After a few minutes, Katie came back. She asked ,"What happened?, and Halley simply replied ,"My nightmare is coming true.". Halley looked away from Katie's face and Katie, being the greatest friend Halley ever had, turned to look at her and said ,"What dream?" Then Halley answered with so much worries in her face, "The nightmare, two months ago where every adults are turned to zombie-like monsters, with whitened eyes, and a feast for flesh." Katie questioned "So, what about the kids?". Halley replied, now with sudden stillness ,"They are all gonna die, because of this." To be Continued