• WARNING: This is all very random and pointless. If this is not your cup of tea, please leave, without the flames, if you please. Flames are only useful to warm a room, and the desert is warm enough without them, thank you very much.

    To these people, I owe a thanks. They left loving comments and encouraged me to continue rambling! Comments such as the ones they left keep me going, so leave some and see your name here! [Thank you tags]: L E A F S fall

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    Well, here I am again! I just got back from Ventura, CA where I bedded down after an Angels [vs.] Rangers baseball game ([Final Score: 8/4 Rangers] GO RANGERS!!!), meet my dad's new girlfriend for the first time (She's so cool!), got conquered by the Pacific Ocean via Ventura Beach, went to a Blues Traveler concert (My first/best concert EVER!!!), and vegged at said girlfiend's apartment. It was the best 2 1/2 days in my life so far.

    You see, the reason I'm in the desert in the first place [see warning tag] is because my parents recently seperated. My mother, my little brother, my puppy, and I all live in a tiny Texas town near my mother's family. My brother and I have spent the last month visiting my father and his dog in an equally tiny California desert town. It's all great fun, and I'm not really stressed out about the split. I worry more about my brother. He's younger and is more sensitive to these sort of changes.

    I, however, adapt easier to such things because my father was military (He recently got out and is a military reservist.) and we moved alot. My brother was not old enough to have to adapt the same as I.

    I'm actually very content with my lot in life right now. The Big Move opened up a couple of new doors to me. I have an awesome best friend. She's the best and I love her very much with all my heart! heart I have an awesome new choir teacher. My opprotunities in musical theatre have widened, a fact which I am EXTREMELY happy about (I'm an aspiring stage actress.)

    Once again, this was all random trash that really shouldn't exist, but I couldn't bring myself to leave it unwritten. Thank you for reading. I shall, again, ask for comments and opinions if you have them. Have a question? Ask! Wanna tell me about you random vacations? Tell! There is never a bad comment, just comments left unposted!

    With Love,
    Dragon mrgreen
    (Elizabeth Anne Parker)