• Eon blue tint on a never ending saga, the swaying movement of life's pictures as they flow through your head. Never ending, never stopping, always evolving. For long I've thought about life's little puzzles, until I finally realized that there are no puzzles. It's not tricky, it's not complicated. It's simple. Simplicity is what has been forgotten by the ever growing population.
    The simple fact that we live in harmony with the world, as a being of it's creation. With our mind we strive for more and strive for better, but it's the simplest of things that will keep order.

    Throwing our minds on morals and sending it to the wind to blow it about to the rest. We judge in what is not our place to. We say what is right and what is wrong when it's natures order to say so. If a man committed a deed deemed unforgivable by mankind, and was left without any human interaction, do you think he would surely parish not long after his will had been done? Who knows. He may, he may not. By a simple act of "nature" his could vanish from this earth, or he could thrive, doing what he does and being happy doing it.

    If it was such a threat to the over all habitat and the population, he would surely be stricken by her wrath. This..law. This way, has been around longer than we have. People believe we know more about the earth than anything, when I believe the flowers in your garden know more than you ever will. It knows what it's doing. It's been doing it for...eons. Before religion, before belief. It was the way before anything, it is older than time.

    On it's majestic wings I shall ride, Forever.