• Why I becoming a hippie.

    1. And yet I remember that back in Jan 2014, and I being with the movies with my parents. And I didn't realized that the tall guy right in front of me. So I couldn't see the view of movies.

    2. So it came that I used to have my hair died black. And it was long like the middle of my own back though in my view. Well I was wearing black shirt, black hoodie and a nice pair of dark blue jeans on. Well it didn't look much at first. Well it was simple and dressed normal.

    3. The person I didn't know talk to the tall guy, and then he said " let the goth girl see". I felt my face is like burning red hot. And My face went from pale to beep red with blushing.
    So I was too polite.So the three of us said thank you.So I just notice the power, have done.

    4. So It came to realized that I have a backup idea of changing myself. So I came up with the idea of becoming a hippie. However it kinda build my own self esteem of thinking about, whats next. So I came to realized that I discovered that my closet was almost all black teeshirts. So I tried to get rid of them. So I donate a whole back full of black tee shirts from the mens section.

    5. And then keep some and then get rid of some. And then I realized that I could make tie tie items for my own wardobe. So I make tie dye from scratch. So I have bunch of colors and not orange or yellow. One of my jeans is tie dyed orange, and another is purple. So it start from there. And I realized that I was trying to ace the hippie journey to get there.

    6. However I seemed to realized that its not easy for the start, so I do my own research about the hippie subculture. And looking for some things that inspired me. So I realized that I figured things out what needs to be done. And for my own self of becoming a hippie.

    7. And then it comes for the hippie things. And it started to put less black on my own back. And why not balance between to worlds. And there are possiblities are endless. so now I figured that if I find the shirt I like that is black it have to be good and good design.