• Friends?
    You know what a friend is?
    Do you really think your a true friend.
    'Cause a friend to me is what a friend should probably be.
    5 things to be the bestfriends as can possibly be..

    -When you know a friend is down, try to cheer them up.
    -When you know your friend is mad, give them a pep-talk to make them forget about it.
    -When you know your friend is having a terrible time, tell your friend your here
    for her/him.
    -Don't leave your friends behind just to talk to someone you "like." Weren't they there first? Don't they always cheer you up and talk to you when you need someone to talk to?
    -Tell your friend, you love him/her. Tell your friend, your the best ever and will never and sha'll never be replaced, because you are like a sister/brother to me, and i love you smile

    Is that what you think..