• One night a girl named shelby was walking by her house she thought about her grandma and one day she felt like her grandma was following her where ever she went at night.so she asked her mom if she could go to bed early and light on a candle to see if there were ghosts around her so she covered her head with her blanket.

    when she woke up she thought "was she a devil burning_eyes evil or a angel?
    heart " she asked herself over and over she never got the answer.. question
    so she looked at the stars on a very foggy night and said "i think shes an angel i think she cared and loved my mom and my sister" but i wasn't sure.

    then at school she drew a picture of her grandma at art class at recess she stayed in and read books all recess eek .one day she had no time to think she had so much homework that she almost had her head explode but in no time she was done and she went to lie down and went to bed and dreamt about her grandma. When i was woke up the alarm clock rang and rang and i said "SHUT IT UP ITS SATURDAY".

    gonk ...To be continued.... scream

    sweatdrop (sorry)