• I think life is good, bad, ok and confusing.
    the good part in life is the people in it like your family, friends and bf/gf
    without them i wouldn't know what to do.
    Life is ok because sometimes you get hurt physically and mentally and either way its painful and it sucks but you can always find a way to work it out and go and sometimes you just have bad luck and everything around you seems to either fail or hate you but it will always work out because i think things happen for a reason and everybody and everything doesn't hate you you just think that and the more you think people hate you you start to believe it then it starts to come true.
    Last but not least why is life confusing
    life is confusing because that is just the way life is and not you or the person next to you can change it no one but god can control life and if life wasn't confusing then i wouldn't know what to do