• 1.Learn how to walk silently and stealthily
    2.Use cover and try not to shadow over people.
    3.Do not breathe heavily. This is sort of obvious. Instead, breath silently through your mouth.
    4.Practice with friends and family members first! If you are caught spying on .a stranger, you can get in big trouble
    5.Be random. After practicing with family members, try doing it at a random time watch your distance. Don't act people. Remember, keep your distance and make sure you have somewhere to hide if you feel you're about to be detected.
    6.Act nonchalant, as if you weren't actually spying on them.
    * If people see you have an excuse so you wont get in much trouble.

    * Wear sandals,but don`t wear flip flops (they make too much noise).
    * Be careful when you walk on gravel.
    * Wear casual clothing.
    * Be discreet.
    * Watch out for snow, your footprints are very easy to follow at that time.
    * Be sure you have all the equipment you or other people in your group need.
    * Always be in a group so you have a backup and a security person.
    * Stay low. People that you are spying on might not see you when you are down and out of sight.


    * Do not bring weapons or "Ninja Clothing".
    * Don't try to do "trick moves" like running off the wall. They are not quiet and people will notice you.
    * Do not think you can do a whole mission by yourself because you need to plan it first.
    * Be ready for anything especialy when you are spying on a stranger they could know what is going to happen to you and themselves.