• Well I have something into my own mind. And however I create out of he norm. Well I do understand why being so different every single day. Well I have being individual in some projects. Well I do understand that some people create beautiful birds. And that is not appealing to my mind. So I figured things out to be creative individual myself. The odd thing about me is creating bats instead of birds. And I figured that I have a gothic mind. Well sometimes I like to create something original and odd looking. Well I could've follow the directions. Well everyone else is exactly the same. Well I used the big canvas to creTe my own design. Well I have the mind of goth. Even I figured that I was a odd ball Tim Burton character. as I spoken to you guys.

    So I figured my way out of create my very own. And when I just estimated my own skills and showed to people. Well I could do math inside my own mind. Well I have not used the fancy math device. And sometimes I felt like the vampire. And I go figured the questions. And I used my math skills to help other people around me. And the staff members used the fancy math device. And I don't used it. And my mind is full with mathematics when you can't imagine. And back in high school. I don't used it at all. And I figured things out and slove the mysterys.

    And I figured things out to get by. Some things that I saw beautiful and awesome that others did not know. And I love to talk about bats. And go figured things out. And doing tons of research at home. And there's a way to find your way to succeed to fit in. And I have no idea, every day is a adventure. So i know pretty good ideas. And well I could have a good start of the year. So far it's a terrible year for me. And I have one rough day. And besides there's some odd balls which I like to call the goths. Well I am not racist or anything. And you put your mind into it as well.

    My own thoughts and feelings could have started to unsure. And yet my life is full of surprises. And I life to make my own artwork. Even my parents don't know that I am knowledge of goth. But they know I was into steampunk for a little while. So I have almost completely see my own self. And wanted to answer the questions about t steampunk. And I don't want everyone to know its was me with learning disabilities. And I beat all the odds of learning. And I couldn't even explain about my own life word per word. And I was trying to make it long as be a creative individual.

    And besides is that something's that you are into or instresting things that your into. Well I wanted to be original. There's things I wanted to explain and the reasons why I have a mind of goth. And well my mind is drawn to the dark side before and not anymore. And I was thinking that I wanted to be colorful in my own darkest days. Well I have gotten through a lot of phases. Whenever I color, I color rainbow. And you know you're thinking. And besides I like to classify myself is a Tim Burton character of my own self. I thought I was different than everybody else.

    Here's the thing you guys or girls. And I don't care about the clothes you wear or brands. Unless you are happy with you. And if you wanted to be goth, be a goth, if you wanted to be punk, be a punk, if you want to be a rocker, be a rocker. If you want to be a hippie or whatever. And I do understand this even I write this. Sometimes you gotta put effort in writing in this life. And even I figured that I have learning disabilities and remember mathematics questions in my own mind.

    And why not be individual like yourselves. And express yourself please. Thanks so much you guys and please comment or ask questions to the future topics.