• Through the broken glass; The souls stare, unperturbed; this night will never last; the life will never be disturbed; the fire, it flares; the mirror, it glares; Beyond the broken glass... (my epic fail of a poem! xD)

    She slammed against the wall, slipping to the ground. Blood dripped down a pale, exotic face, falling over red rose lips. Dark brown hair fell into her face, hiding her eyes from view. A man stood in front of her, hidden in shadow, a bat within his rough, callused hand. He brought it down upon her again and again.
    She refused to allow this man to hear her cries. Her lip became bloody from her teeth. Finally, finally, it was over...
    This young woman lay there, her breath barely making it past those bruised, bloody lips.
    "Oh no, Miya... Not again..." Gentle, yet firm hands grabbed the female around the waist, picking her up. She faintly realized it was male... Probably Mikhail... he never came around on her good days...
    "You have got to stop this, Miya." The soft, worried voice of her little brother broke through Miya's haze.
    "Tch." She spat at the ground, wiping her mouth. Her arm was around Mikhail's shoulders, supporting most of her weight as they headed to what they called home.
    "Ah, shut it, Mikhail. The guy was feelin me up, he deserved what he got..."
    "What did he get?"
    "Why you!"
    Mikhail smiled slightly. She was still loud and cocky, so she was alright. It was when she was quiet that he began to worry, but that didn't seem to be the problem tonight. Just a bruised jaw, some head wounds... A baseball bat can do alot, but wood wasn't as bad as metal.
    "Ahh, we're almost out of bandages!" Mikhail exclaimed as he rummaged through a small bag.
    "Hmn. I'll pick some up tomorrow. Granny Terra should have some." Miya said as she washed her face, placing a gauze pad on her cheek. Mikhail sighed. As soon as Miya was all bandaged up, he reprimanded her.
    "Picking fights will get us nowhere! Sooner or later you'll get so hurt you'll need to go to the hospital..." He paled. Miya, who had an end piece of a loaf of bread in her mouth, noticed. She looked down, then put one arm around Mikhail and hugged him.
    "Naah, not me! Too tough." She grinned, revealing an unusually large and sharp canine tooth. Crimson eyes flashed beneath the dirty brown hair.
    "Only cause your half..." Mikhail said, tsking his sister. She laughed and ruffled his hair.
    "Life goes on, brother." She smiled then looked at the night sky, munching slowly on the piece of bread. A full moon shone bright in the night sky, stars glittering like jewels or sequins on a ball gown. The bread was suddenly tasteless.
    Mikhail sighed. "You," he said, "need to get ready."
    "Hm?" Miya blinked and looked at Mikhail, only then noticing he had changed into a Dracula-like suit. A black, tuxedo like jacket encased a white shirt that hugged his body, showing off rippling muscles. Black trousers, black dress shoes, and white gloves. She looked at him and raised an eyebrow. His usually long, black hair was pulled back to the nape of his neck with a tie. Miya raised an eyebrow.
    "Geez, for being named after a made-up Carpathian character*, you sure do act the part."
    "Eh," Mikhail shrugged, "it works."
    "I suppose." Miya sighed and grabbed the costume she would be wearing. After stripping, and putting it on, she spun for her brother.
    What she wore was simple, really. A crimson red dress that gradually faded to black as one looked to the bottom of the dress. It was strapless, with white gloves that went up above her elbows. Mikhail fixed a small adornment of red roses into her now washed hair, which was pulled back into an elegant ponytail.
    "We ready for the ball?"
    "Ready when you are." Miya grinned as she looked down at the address in her hand...
    Costume balls were always fun to go to.

    *Referring to Christine Feehan's Dark Carpathian Series. VERY GOOD.