• Pink shoes, washroom selfies and red lips are so not what rocks your boat. You'd rather do things that you are truly passionate about without worrying about what the world thinks. While girls tend to think that you are way too different, you love being the way you are. In fact if you are not the regular girly girl, you too will relate to these.

    1. Nerd, geeky, tomboy... these adjectives don't bother you at all. Heck, they define you.

    2. There are girls who'll go hungry just to buy a shoe. As for you nothing can be worth more than a cheesy pizza.

    3. Giggling in the loss with the girls is an alien concept.

    4. And so are bathroom selfies.

    5. Instagram stalking is so not your thing.

    6. And you don't even want to understand how Snapchat works.

    7. Colour to you is not shades of pink.

    8. In fact you love monochromes.

    9. You are not the Sex and the City girl, you'd rather binge-watch House of Cards.

    10. Your morning routine. Get up. Bathe. Run out.

    11. Over the years you've managed to come to terms with stilettos but sneakers are your comfort shoes.

    12. Messy hair, don't care - that's you.

    13. Shopping is a very quick affair.

    14. You'd give a listen to Taylor Swift once in a while but Pink Floyd is your anthem.