• I asked you if you liked me? You said only as a friend.I asked you Are you

    sure? You replied Yes I am sure.Why should i care if you don't like me.I have a wonderful fiance

    that loves me.But why do I all of a sudden feel sad about you not liking me. Maybe Because It

    means I have to let go of my feelings and realize that you and I can't be together ever

    again.Maybe you have moved on and just want me to stop making you feel like you can have

    me when you know you can't.Maybe in my heart I still want to be with you and never leave your

    side. I know that I will never stop loving you.But now I see you won't always love me.I am still

    trying to figure out how you moved on so fast.We didn't even get to talk about what

    happened between us.It scares me that you moved on so fast and I haven't learned to yet.I

    still have feelings for you and they won't go away. I hope someday you can know how much

    you mean to me and how I feel about you.But knowing me I won't tell you anytime soon. So

    till then you can just know we are friends and nothing more. But know this I love you with all

    my heart and I don't ever want to stop.You make me happy every time I see you.That its hard

    to fight these feelings.Sometimes i jsut want to hug you and never let go.But I know i can't

    do that.