• Invasion
    Part one: the intrusion

    It was a snow covered day with the sun barley visible behind the clouds. A steady crunching was heading toward a figure standing out in the heavy blizzard. It was a large building barring the legend “Grozny grad” witch translated to “formidable fortress” in Russian. By the building a woman was crawling in an air duct. She dropped down to an area that was open. Her legs clung onto a man and choked him into a “lack of awakness”. She dropped down. She had brown hair and tan skin. Her hair was shoulder length and she had a green bandana around her head.
    She was wearing a forest cameo jacket and green pants. She threw off her coat reveling a white tank top. She heard foot steps. She went to a nearby wall and pressed against it. 2 men in uniform and bearing strong Russian accents came in. they spoke in strong Russian accents. “… and do you want to hear a bad joke they made in the U.S.?” one of them asked. “sure.” The other one replied. “In soviet Russia you don’t drive car, car drives you!” the first one said in an accent that sounded fake. They both started laughing and they didn’t see the unconscious team mate. They didn’t see he hidden woman on the wall either.
    She walked out of the room the same texture and color as the wall. She kept on walking until she got to a room marked “рационы”. She took a peek in the room and then went in. she was surprised at the lack of people in the hall. It must be working hours. She made herself a pot of instant noodles. After she was done a man walked into the room. The woman was still hidden. She came behind the man and knocked him out. She checked his nametag. He was the head of torturing. She dragged his body to a nearby science room and put it with the cadavers. She removed his name tag to see if it would actually work. She giggled and herself for a very cruel joke. She felt He deserved it.
    Next she went to a computer room. This ought to give her some insight. She used tranc darts and removed them to knock out the workers without leaving a trace. She then hacked the computer network and then found the generator room. She left the room and then she saw something in her way. It was a hall of lasers. Someone was prone to keep intruders out. She saw one weakness. It was that the ceiling wasn’t heavily guarded. Putting her hands to the wall and started climbing up like some insect or lizard. After she got threw the hall she ducked into a locker room to see what she could snag.
    She found a few magazines and rations. She also found an odd suit. It was white and it seemed to be bullet proof. Waving her hand across it and it shaped to fit her. She put it on. “It’s a little tight but it will do.” The woman said to herself. She put a hand to her ear and touched a little black thing in it. A voice talked to her. “Sam?” a voice said. “Hey Taveska.” The woman said. “Are you close?” the voice asked. “yes.” Said Samantha Arcane. “I know I want to blow it up.” Taveska said. “Yes but still its fun this way. Also if all the pie is missing you are dead when I get back.” Sam said. “Ok, ok! Why do you always have to say that?” Taveska asked. “Cuz I like my pie.” Sam said smiling. “Ok, just get them.” Taveska said. There was a small “click” and the line was dead.