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    • In The End by alecia_tull
    • Aura been a good girl all her life. She never did anything wrong, but for some reason it just wasn't enough for her family. They treated her like dirt. Until one day it all stopped....
    • My Moving Experience by LinkSwords
    • When I was twelve, I moved, I lived in the Neighborhood all my 12years. Then Came August, ans we had to move. I'm going to tell you my full story.
    • the tragic end by Lord Mega naruto
    • it is bassically something i wrote in the time i had it is well summer vaca for me and wed have nothen to do really so i wrote this hope u like it though it is goth or more emo than goth i guess
    • the life of the girl by drama_lover101
    • this is about a girl who is super in love with a guy name skylar but he act like will never like her ...ok if you like this is 1 cap i will write more this is a lovedramaschool story so if you like it please tell me ok ...if yo...
    • Never leave home. by Lt. Maguechi
    • NEVER EVER WANDER TO PLACES U DONT KNOW! lol. this is not a real story obvious, not many small villages around north america or where ever anymore lol. but still it scary stuff.
    • evil things by likeicare11
    • Ok this story is about dolls... this is what iv always though of them i dont know why, and im not writing about me. I dont have kids xD
    • Mental Circles D: by Aereian
    • Yes, my teacher actually did tell us to freewrite, and yes, I actually handed this in. For some reason, she wasn't very amused. But this was a while back, in 7th grade or something. I was digging through my old portfolio, and I...
    • Alternative Sources of Energy by seradin_lirigon
    • Fossil fuel was the main source of energy for many generations, however it is now coming to end end. Thus we must focus more on alternative sources of energy that is renewable, especially solar energy.
    • Thee Fire Goddess by i-JemmyxX
    • This story involves a girl that wants answers for some strange things going on, kidnappings for just money? Her mystical powers that nobody knows about? Her mums mysterious death? Grace was born for a reason, her destiny lies ...
    • How I Would Improve 4Kids by Juliusanime
    • It actully tooked me like about 3 hours or so to think and type this literatur out. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this episode of "How I would Improve...[Whatever]"
    • Silence by flutteringeyelashes
    • Yah, this is just a random thought I had after reading a poem on Silence as a killer, and I felt like sharing it with you. Aren't you lucky. It's not a poem, I just liked the look of that format. So gimme your thoughts please! ...
    • A Different Angel by Midnightslover19
    • This story is not true but based on a true story, the girl was Cecilia and who I perfered as Me was a women who changed the lives of lots of childrens, Brianna Storm. Her Baby Picture Is shown Below. It is Super sad and I hate ...
    • Dreaming Of You by --Not Meant To Be xoxo
    • I wrote this randomly, and I used to write stories all the time, but I dont really write stories as much anymore. I like to write poems and songs now, and so if you like this let me know, and maybe I'll put in some Poems, and a...
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