• Death. What does it feel like? why is it there? Is it freedom from everything thats binding you, or a curse that will always going to catch up with us? Running. Some run away from death, while others embrace it. Some may even chase it.

    Heaven. They say its there. I hope. I can only do that though. My faith still remains with me. I trust. Hell. They say THATS there too, but I can only hope thats where I shall not go.

    Taking. Taking a life. Is it worth it? Taking your own. Is it the same? Same consequences, same feeling of dread, but what about the life and death that seperates the murderer.

    Depression. Can lead to the takin. Can lead to the fall. Can lead to it all. Death is what they wait for. Some are impatient and speed up the process.

    Death. I wish I could just feel it for one second. Just to know. I wish I can see, I wish I can feel someone. to hold me. to save me. Death.