• Highschool flashback to walking into the cafeteria for breakfast one morning. It was senior year, the last week of May and also the last week of classes before seniors got out of school early. Walking into the cafeteria in the morning since my bus always got there early as i normally would do. Usually would sit in the back corner and read or listen to music, or finish up homework. most of my friends weren't even at school yet so I often sat alone or with mere acquaintances.

    But today was different.

    Walking into the cafeteria, a friend calls out "Pentagramist!" to me. An inside joke due to the pentagrams and heavy band logos all over my notebooks. I laughed to myself but ignored him and just kept walking. Wasn't in the mood for him. But then i stopped dead when I heard an unfamiliar voice yelling "Hey satanist!".

    Who does he have in on yelling this stuff at me now? Had to go over and find out. I approached the table and asked "Alright who's the a**hole?". They point at this guy who's in 10th grade and looking like a deer in headlights not sure if he should laugh or apologize to the senior he just screamed at, until he realized i found it hilarious. They were sitting with another mutual friend so I decided to sit with them. Ended up sitting with them every morning all week until school ended.

    So this boy and i talked a little, we were both pretty shy. Ended up finding eachother on facebook about a week later because of our friends birthday and we saw eachothers comments. We started talking and talking and completely fell in love with everything about eachother. Having no way of hanging out all summer put a hold on any form of dating but he came to my Grad party then we hung out again a few weeks later. After hanging out in person I realized how truly weird he is and I LOVED it. We've been together ever since, going on 4 years now

    Now we finish eachothers sentences and steal eachothers jokes on a daily basis. Love to chill watching netflix youtube and gaming together. We go camping and to concerts and hang out with out amazingly weird friends. What more do we need? heart

    I get asked alot how we met so why not just make it easy.

    TL/DR First words between my bf and I in highschool were him calling me a Satanist and me calling him an a**hole, true love xD <3