• kain and gabby stalked the guards from the shadows. they were waiting for the guard change. the over all plan was to wait for the guard change then move in through the front gate dressed as guards then cut down any one who stands in their way. when the guard change occured they moved in but to their surprise a spot light blinded them when they were less then fifty feet away from the gate guards came pouring out swords drawn."it was a trap he was waiting for us" kain said he and gabby drew their swords and chrged as always kains super human speed and strength shook the confidence of the guards. finnally after taken minor injuries they had slain every guard. as they went in side the main gates they heard slow clapping.kain looked up to see shadowmaster"bravo kain." he said "u made it this far so why stop now?" he jumped down from the platform he was on. kain saw that he already had his blade out."im here to avenge katie...HERE TO RIGHT THE WRONG U COMMITED SIX MONTHS AGO!" kain roared."well here i am"shadowmaster replied and with that he charged at kain who sidestepped and managed cut shadowmasters shoulder. Shadow master turned towards gabby and lunged gabby who vaulted over him whilst stabbing a dagger into his back. shadowmaster roared with pain kain stabbed his dagger into where shadow masters heart would be. shadow master was now hobbling but to kains surprise was still able to fight. gabby, amazed by shadowmasters fortitude took her sword and plunged into his stomach whist kain beheaded him. "SHE IS AVENGED!" kain roared "NOW MY QUEST IS COMPLETE,I AM AT PEACE, AND MY ENEMIES KINGDOM IS DEAD WITH HIM!" he fell to his knees laughing tears of joy streaming down his cheeks. and then he stood "now i can go home and rest peacefully." he said to gabby "yea i could use a good sleep." she replied. they walked towards their camp cintent that their quest had been completed