• Well, this is more of a Middle School flash-back of when I was in 6th grade. There was an 8th grade prom at the end of the year, and most girls around my area like guys ONLY for looks, so alot of 8th graders crushed over me. (Not to toot my own horn.) TOOT TOOT!
    Well, anyway, it was prom time. My girlfriend (8th grader) asked me to go to the prom with her. So, she was pretty shy around me most of the time. At the prom, she ran off with her friends and left me all alone, most of the time. The worst part of it is she never danced with me. Her friends tried to get her to, but she never did. I decided to hang with a few of my friends the whole prom because of my "date" ditching me most of the time. A few days later I broke up with her because she was pretty immature (Relationship-wise) for a 14 year old.