• I woke up, refreshed and anew! Today felt... special!
    After finishing my gaze of the day (looking around my room)
    I hopped out of bed and made breakfast! I had a huge buffet!
    I finished off my OJ and slipped on an amazing outfit!
    I looked at a mirror and could not help but notice my FLAWLESS face!
    Oh and my perfect hair! No need to brush!

    I hopped on the bus with all the guys staring at me!
    JOY!!! oh and they smiled back at me when i waved!

    So I am having a GREAT hair day and all that jazz when fifth period, I had a solo to preform, yes chorus! I warmed up my voice, which sounded AWESOME, and was about to go onstage, my teacher whispered in my ear. I went to the water fountain, made sure no one was looking and zipped my fly.