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There was a small, round pebble on the floor, half covered in shiny, black blood. Siddiq could have reached out and touched it, if his hands weren't tied behind his back, anchored to something he couldn't see. He rested on his side. There was nothing to do but wait. They had taken most of the bodies at that point, leaving him alone, locked away and waiting. Waiting.

He heard the door open and didn't spare the thought to glance. A whisperer or a walker, it didn't really matter which.

Dante's dark eyes slid over Siddiq's form. He laid on his side with a tired look in his golden eyes. Dante knelt down at his feet, which were tied together. He had a job to do, but first.... he had time to have a little fun, didn't he? He'd not ******** anyone for a very long time. Just looking at him laying there was making the fabric in his pants tight. He'd been hard when he was holding him before too. He wondered if Siddiq had noticed, or if he could tell if he was hard now. Siddiq turned his head, finally focusing on the whisperer that watched him. There was a gag between his lips, but he didn't look like he wanted to talk.

Dante liked the struggle, so he started untying his feet. Siddiq didn't try to resist or run once he was free. He sat up and gripped his stinging wrists. Dante hooked the gag with his fingers and tugged it down, watching with a new press of arousal when it caught his lower lip and made it pop against his teeth. Dante clicked his tongue, smoothing his thumb over the mans bottom lip. He made a face and jerked his head away. Dante caught him by the beard and held him where he wanted him, fishing into his pants to fetch his c**k. Siddiq tried to pull away, then to push him off and when that failed, he let out a helpless cry.

Dante pulled him close and dropped his c**k against the face. Siddiq grimaced, still trying in vain to push the man away.

Siddiq's mind raced, panic and adrenaline making his muscles twitch and his brain muddle. He could only think of one thing, and that was No! Yet, try as he might, he couldn't escape the mans grasping hands and sweaty member. Then, it was shoved into his mouth, it tasted foul and had a gritty texture. He gagged and bit down in protest.

Dante jerked away, snarling: "b***h!" He brought his fist into the mans face. Siddiq cried out in surprise, his hands flying up to shield him; too late. Dante brought his foot into his chest, sending him sprawling backwards. He tried to escape but Dante was strong and quick. In a second Dante was on top of Siddiq. He kicked him in the kidneys, the back, the chest, the guts. Hot bile spewed across the dark floor. Siddiq writhed under the endless assault. Curled around himself, Siddiq tried to catch his breath but Dante wouldn't let him, his foot seemed to come from everywhere all at once. White-yellow dots swam around his vision and he couldn't lift his head any more. Only once he'd given in to the beating did Dante finally stop.

Admiring the mans labored breaths and terrified eyes, Dante fetched a blade from within his rags, he spun it in his hands ensuring that Siddiq could see it. He knew he could by the way he sunk into the floor, eyes unsure of where he should focus: the man or weapon. Dante straddled him and tapped the blade against Siddiqs mouth.
"Open." He whispered in that long, drawn out tone. Siddiq looked between the man and the blade. Tearfully, Siddiqs lips parted, Dante slipped the knife between them, letting it knock against his teeth carelessly cutting into his lips and tongue. Dante watched the blade slip in and out of Siddiqs dark mouth. Each time he did so he felt a rush of anticipation pleasure. Siddiq tried not to focus on the cold steal against his tongue. The tang of metal mixed with his own blood was nauseating. There was no where he could crawl away to. He shut his eyes, feeling some amount of relief that no one pried them back open.

Once he was sure that Siddiq had submitted fully, he let the blade slip out and replaced it where ti belonged.

Siddiq tried one last time to make the situation stop before it went any further: "Please." He breathed. "Just let me go." Dante shushed him and moved so his c**k rested on the bed of scratchy hair beneath his mouth.Date thrusted in a relaxed way moving hi c**k up and down Siddiqs pretty face. His eyes rolled up and away. He shut them but then Dante whispered: "Look." Siddiq whimpered. The sound made Siddiqs ears ring but he managed to open his eyes. He glanced down at the c**k laying against his lips, then up at the man it belonged too. He knew what the attacked wanted but it was almost incomprehensible what he needed to do. "Go on." Dante encouraged. Siddiqs lips trembled. His eyes were full of unshed tears.
"I..." He began but there was nothing he could say that would stop Dante and Siddiq knew that. "I'm not gay." He said in a weak, pained tone. Dante giggled. As if that mattered to him in the slightest. The sounds he made were inescribable, sweet to Dantes ears, perhaps pathetic to someone else. Finally, his lips parts and he wrapped them around Dantes drooling c**k.

He gagged the moment it touched his tongue but didn't bite again. Dante let him move at his own pace, bobbing his mouth along the long rod with a look of hate brewing in his eyes. Dante groaned. The heat alone felt so good he could have c** . It took all his self control not to let go. "More." Dante demanded, shifting himself further down Siddiqs throat than he was ready for. The mans jaw spasmed closed in response, but not enough to hurt the man.

Dante growled a warning, knowing it was an accident. Siddiq terrified brown eyes looked up at him with a plea in them. Then he shifted, hooking his hands on the mans thigh so that he could claim better leverage. He began to bob his head with earnest, struggling to breath, shifting between using his nose and mouth, occasionally pulling away to catch oxygen. The third time he pulled off to breathe Dante grabbed him by the hair and buried his c**k down the mans throat.

He gagged and choked and tried to pull away but Dante wouldn't let him, taking what he wanted with aggression in his hips. When he came he made sure to do it entirely buried in the youths throat, then he pulled out, letting his seed fill the space that he left. Siddiq started to choke, coughing brutally until c** squirted out of his nose. He kept coughing, gasping for breath. He rolled to his side and Dante stood up, watching him try to reclaim his composure. Once he had he wiped his face with his shirt and blew his nose on the floor. He shut his eyes and covered his mouth, clearly trying to contain everything that he was feeling in that moment.

Once he felt like he could speak he glanced over his shoulder at his abuser. He had a feeling he knew the answer but he asked anyway: "Are you done?"

Dante shook his head, slowly, back and forth, smirking when the man withered under the confirmation of his fears.
"Are you going to..." Siddiq couldn't say it. He didn't know what to do. He couldn't fight any more but he couldn't just let himself be... in the mouth was one thing but...

Dante smiled at his inability to voice what he knew was coming next. Every person he'd raped had responded differently and there was something so cute about this one.
"Please just..." It was the only thing he could do, beg. "Please don't hurt me." He watched a grin glint in the darkness and covered his face his with hand. Everything hurt.
"Be good and I wont." Siddiq laughed a little at that. He shook his head. "Come here." Siddiq looked at him then down at the ground. He pushed himself up. His ribs and right leg were on fire, screaming at him to stop. Dante watched him approach and stopped him a little ways away from him. "Take off your clothes." Siddiq took a shakey breath but his body obeyed the order. If he could just get it over with then it would be over.

Once it was over he could forget. Thats what mattered. It would end. He focused on that when the man tugged him up against him, roaming hands playing with his skin. He wanted to pull away, to tell him to stop, to run, but he suppressed the urges.

demon strait outta_hell
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demon strait outta_hell
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