• (1) Lemuel and Amnon practice combat.
    (2) Amnon's Rocket Launcher begins to charge.
    (3) Lemuel smirks and thinks, "If I can reach him fast enough, he won't have enough time to release his attack!"
    (4) Lemuel flies quickly towards Amnon.
    (5) Lemuel yells, "Ahhhhh!!!!" as he's about to hit Amnon with his spear.
    (6) Lemuel hits Amnon but Amnon disappears.
    (7) Lemuel reacts, "What?! Where'd he go?!" and looks around frantically.
    ( cool Amnon appears behind Lemuel, "Behind you!"
    (9) Lemuel looks behind him slowly, "How did you?!"
    (10) Amnon yells, "Caelum tonitru Erucae!!" and shoots at Lemuel. (Caelum tonitru Erucae means Heaven's Thunder Rocket)
    (11) Rocket hits Lemuel.
    (12) Smoke clears to reveal Lemuel all beaten up. Lemuel is holding up his shield and out of breath.
    (13) Amnon is nervious, "Oops, maybe I charged it too much..."
    (14) Lemuel yells, "YOU THINK?!!"
    (15) Shows someone clapping.
    (16) Amnon and Lemuel look to see who's clapping.
    (17) Mikha'el is shown clapping, "Well done, Amnon. You perfected the Duplication spell teleportation meneuver I taught you, just as I thought you would."
    (1 cool Amnon blushes and Lemuel whines, "Aww, why do you teach him all the cool moves, Commander Mikha'el?"
    (19) Mikha'el gives a stern look, "When you can beat Amnon, then I'll teach you a new move, Lemuel. Now I've come here with orders from the King."(20) Amnon and Lemuel look at each other curiously.
    (21) Mikha'el shows a picture of a girl, "This girl started following the King a year ago in Iran. She's 16 and was recently caught giving someone a Bible and has been imprisoned. The people who have her want to kill her, but the King says it's not time for her to come here yet."
    (22) Mikha'el shows on a map where the compound the girl is at, "She's in the third cell on the right. Your job is to go in with Gavri'el. Gavri'el will be leading her to safety. Your job is to make sure it goes well."
    (23) Lemuel sighs, "In other words, we're bodyguards."
    (24) Mikha'el adds, "If there's one thing I know about Lucifer, he'll do whatever he can to destroy the King's people. He will try to use this situation to his advantage. Be prepared for anything."
    (25) Mikha'el salutes, "You are dismissed."
    (26) Amnon and Lemuel salute back.
    (27) Gavri'el enters, "Are you two ready?"
    (2 cool "Sir!" Amnon and Lemuel salute.
    (29) Gavri'el laughs, "No need for that! I'm only head messenger."
    (30) "We're low class angels." Lemuel looks down.
    (31) Gavri'el puts his hand on Lemuel's shoulder, "As far as I'm concerned, we're the same. The only angel above you is Archangel Mikha'el.
    (32) Lemuel smiles.
    (33) Gavri'el smirks, "Now let's go help that girl!"
    (34) "...Earth..."
    (35) Shows a girl tied up and blindfolded in a small, dark cell room.
    (36) A tear drops to the ground.
    (37) Girl whimpers, "Lord, I'm so scared. I know they're going to kill me. I know I'll be with you, but I'm so afraid of death. Save me, Jesus, please!"(3 cool "One more peep out of you and you'll be joining him in Hell sooner than planned!" Masked man with gun bangs on cell door laughing, scaring the girl.
    (39) Gershom whispers to man, "Maybe I should just kill you now!"
    (40) Man says, "Maybe I should just kill you now!"
    (41) "Time Freezes!"
    (42) Gershom hides.
    (43) Gavri'el, Amnon, and Lemuel arrive.
    (44) Amnon turns on radar on goggles, "Demon Mist is present. There is a demon that has been in this premise recently."
    (45) Lemuel responds, "It's just as Commander Mikha'el thought! How recent is it?"
    (46) Amnon keeps scanning the area, "Either it left as soon as we arrived, or still in the compound somehow."
    (47) "Keep your eyes pealed, hopefully it's not a cloaker. Our mission is rescuing the girl." Gavri'el says firmly.
    (4 cool Amnon and Lemuel nod.
    (49) Gavri'el walks to the shaking girl - time has not froze for her.
    (50) Gavri'el bends down to take the blindfold off her.
    (51) The girl has a black eye with multiple cuts all over her face.
    (52) Gavri'el smiles, "Don't be afraid. The Lord your God has heard your prayers and has sent me to rescue you."
    (53) "I'm not going to die?" the girl asks with a small smile.
    (54) "Not today! It's not time yet. You still have a mission here on earth." Gavri'el unties the girl.
    (55) "What's my mission?" the girl asks.
    (56) "You will learn of it soon, child." Gavri'el smiles.
    (57) "Now, we must get you out of here before time starts again." Gavri'el picks up the girl.
    (5 cool "AACK!!" Lemuel yells and Gavri'el and the girl look in his direction.
    (59) "Let go of me you disgusting creature!" Lemuel yells trying to get loose from Gershom's grip.
    (60) "Kekeke...a low class angel in my grips. I wonder how Lord Lucifer would enjoy eating one of God's angels? Kekeke..." Gershom laughs and begins to burn Lemuel. "AHHHH!!!!" Lemuel screams in pain.
    (61) Gavri'el yells at Amnon, "Amnon, do something!"
    (62) "I can't, my rockets take too long to charge. I'd end up hitting both the demon and Lemuel once the rockets are ready and Lemuel might be too weak to handle the hit by then!" Amnon hesitates.
    (63) Gavri'el sweats, thinking, "If I hand over the girl to Amnon, I might have a chance in rescuing Lemuel. But this demon is obviously a cloaker. It could easily cloak itself and grab the girl from Amnon. That's exactly what this demon wants!"
    (64) Gavri'el has an epiphany, "Wait! Of course!"
    (65) "Child, demand the demon to leave in the Lord's name." Gavri'el smiles.
    (66) "What good will that do? I'm only a mere human." the girl looks down.
    (67) "Don't be afraid, there is power in His name. Demons fear His name for good reason." Gavri'el helps support the girl to stand.
    (6 cool "Have faith, child." Gavri'el whispers and the girl nods.
    (69) Lemuel is about to faint.
    (70) The girl firmly yells, "In the holy name of Jesus Christ, leave this place demon!" wind blows behind her.
    (71) Thunder roars above them and the demon looks up.
    (72) Jesus begins to appear above them on his throne.
    (73) "No! Not yet!" Gershom screeches.
    (74) Gershom releases Lemuel quickly and flees.
    (75) Amnon runs to Lemuel, "Lemuel, are you alright?"
    (76) Wind dies down behind the girl and Gavri'el catches her as she falls down.
    (77) Lemuel opens one eye a little, "Yea, I'll be okay."
    (7 cool "Let's hurry then. Time will begin again soon." Gavri'el says.
    (79) Amnon helps Lemuel up and they both nod.
    (80) They appear in front of a house.
    (81) Gavri'el puts the girl down, "Go in the house, they will take care of you and minister to you. May the Lord bless you, child."
    (82) Gavri'el pats the girl on the head and nods to Amnon and Lemuel it's time to go.
    (83) Amnon and Lemuel nod back.
    (84) Gavri'el Amnon, and Lemuel fly away as the girl waves good-bye to them.
    (85) Something shines in the sky and a feather falls down.
    (86) The girl catches the feather which sparkles and a tear falls on it as she whispers, "Thank you, Lord."
    (87) The feather dissinegrates and disappears.
    (8 cool The girl takes a deep breath and walks into the house.
    (89) Door shuts behind her, "I'm a Christian and the Lord just saved me miraculously."
    (90) End of Ch. 1.