• Under shadows cast by angry seeming clouds filled with the bliss known as rain came a bone chilling scream. Lost deep in a maze of emotions which seemed to have no end protruded a single figure, alone and broken. Nothing remains, the mind of the culprit, blank as a clean sheet of printer paper. Seemingly many children were murdered out of isolation, jealousy, anxiety and nothingness yet one remains scared stiff as a board. Sorrow floods in as she slowly begins to melt, feeling reality like a invisible wall standing erect in front of her. This girl, Aline, felt the terror of the cold blood bath, yet all she wanted to do was bring them back. She only wished she could make things as they were. Sorrow was what locked her behind this invisible wall, trapped in the maze without an end. Her heart thumped as she heard soft steps approaching her at an even pace, yet no one could be seen. She still remembered seeing the facial in-expressiveness of the children’s murderer.

    Her slick black hair danced in the wind created by the storm, she glanced over her shoulder to make sure she was completely alone. Flashes of twisted faces wouldn’t stop invading her mind, those children seemed younger than her, thoughtfully though she was mature for an 13 year old. The sky turned black in mourning as the cold remnants of reality softly danced across her skin, mixing with her tears. A shiver passed through her as the rain soothed her soul, she had to get out of there before he came back to take her life as well. Over and over she heard the whispers of the departed, many times before now. Although she had never heard them as clear as now, as they sang out "sorrow made you, in the maze with out an end. Why do you still breathe?". She knew instantly that the voices belonged to the children, her friends, they wanted her to join them but she couldn’t. Heartbroken she whispered gently " I am a lonely parade that doesn't even know about love. Please don’t blame me"