• My mother, before she passed away, she would sing a song to me every night as a child. Lying on the cold floor in the trunk of yet another van, I couldn’t help but sing that song. A vain effort for at least a little bit of light.

    “Sleep now, my child
    The moon shines high
    the owl hoots as
    the arrow flies.

    Under the full moon
    the goddess brings her bow
    and her quiver is full
    time to start the show.

    My child, listen as
    Eyes glow like the night
    she flies high in
    the midst of this fight.

    Goddess of the hunt
    is the goddess of the night
    Independent, strong
    master of women’s flight.

    Her bow is raised
    poised and ready
    target is there
    hold it steady.

    No fear, no care
    her nature is strong
    Artemis, my goddess
    don’t sleep for too long.”

    Someone tapped my shoulder “Thanks for that.” came the sad woman’s voice. A hard object hit my head, and it was dark.
    I was lying on a soft bed on a room so dark, I was blind to all that was around me. Going by touch alone, I found out I was on a bed with satin sheets and cotton blanket with an excessive amount of plush pillows. The bed was large enough for three even, if they squeezed together. My hands were untied but with the room so dark it was pointless. I hated this. I hated being so helpless and being pushed around, tied, and blinded. I wanted to get out, and no one would stop me.
    Waiting until my eyes adjusted, I looked around for some kind of weapon, anything to help in my escape. What I found was a dresser, a make-up table with an oval mirror, and some other thing here and there. The whole place looked like a room made for a princess. Even my new clothes said the same. Someone had undressed me and put me in a silk gown that reached the floor with long sleeves and amazingly beautiful, and expensive, jewelry.
    The knob on my door twisted and I hid in the wardrobe that was against the right wall of the bed, which was right in the middle of the room. I hid behind the soft clothes, shrinking into the back, hating myself the whole way. For being weak, scared, and defenseless.
    “I know you’re here, girl.” came the growling voice. Deep inside, I knew he was a werewolf. “There’s no where to go,” he inhaled deeply. “And I can smell your fear.”
    I cursed myself. My fear damning me again. The werewolf’s feet approached the wardrobe and before I could breath, the doors were yanked open and I was staring into golden brown eyes. His claws wrapped around my arm, I guess someone could stop me.

    Kirito was a man of….crazy. He was just crazy. He went on and on about my father and something about a “cure.” He snapped his fingers in front of me, “Pay attention!” he commanded. Kirito was a vampire, a very old one too. I couldn’t tell you how I knew that, I just did. “Your father is so ignorant! Why must the ignorant always have power? It has always befuddled me.” he looked at me, almost as if expecting an answer. But, the went on before I could open my mouth. “And now your father has created the ‘cure’,” he spat the word out. “Why would we need a cure? If anything, those humans need a cure to become like us! Set ‘em straight for once!” He ran a nervous hand through is long locks of blonde hair. His blue eyes were unfocused, scanning. For what? I’ll never know. “But now we have you!” he ran a hand along my cheek. My own hands were tied behind me to keep me strapped to the chair. “The one that can set him straight! Make him see the error of his ways! Reverse the cure! And keep us who we are. You can do it, Artemis! Only you can stand up to Zeus!” Zeus, that was my father’s name. My family was pretty into the whole greek mythology thing. In fact, my mother’s name was even Leto. I guess it only seemed fitting to call me Artemis.
    Someone came up to Kirito and whispered in his ear. His eyes widened and he looked at me with surprise “You..you do not know?” he asked, astonished.
    “Know what?” I asked defensively, while not being the smartest thing, I was spared due to his ongoing surprise.
    He backed away from me, like he was afraid to even touch me “T-take her away. I don’t want to see her again until I am ready.” The guards seemed uncertain. “NOW!” he screeched, and all the guards jumped alive as the towed me away back to my room.

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