• Geneva,Switzerland- February 28 2016:

    A young journalist walked in the European Center For Nuclear Research (CERN).
    "Do you have an appointment young boy"? A guard standing at the front desk asked in Swedish.
    Speaking the little Swedish the boy knew, he attempted to introduce himself as a writer for the NewYork Times.
    "The name's Matthew Johnson, Sir," He said, as the guard started to recognize him and point to the correct hallway.
    Matthew Johnson nodded and made his way down the vast hallway. He then reached a door with the words God Particle printed in Swedish upon it. He opened it and walked inside. Gazing at the large machines, Matthew noticed a small female scientist who started to walk towards him.
    "You must be the head scientist, Abbie Castner?" He asked, as she approached.
    Sarcastically, she started to point with a pen at the machine behind her.
    "Always. And this is the Large Hadron Collider you came to see. We are testing to see how large one particular particle can become before becoming unstable".
    Though her English was sort of broken, Matthew seemed to understand every word.
    "But you'll have to come back tomorrow, there's going to be a Solar Flare and it could delay this machine, while I show it off."
    "But my plane leaves at two in the morning tomorrow, I wouldn't be able to make it. Is there any way you could do the presentation today and let me get this report done?" Matthew almost started to yell.
    Abbie thought it over for a minute and decided to call over another scientist to consult with. They talked it over for what seemed like an hour, but then came to the conclusion that the flare wouldn't likely delay any machine this powerful.
    She then gave the thumbs up on cranking up the LHC after Matthew had finished jotting down some observations and taking a few photos.
    "This machine can basically explain everything in the world and I'm letting a mere NewYork reporter gaze at its outstanding skills." Abbie started to chuckle more at herself then at Matthew.
    They both ran into a small room just adjacent from the God Particle Lab and started to put on special bio suits. Looking out the glass window, Matthew and Abbie stared as the machine started to glow. Just then a young male scientist ran into the room with a panicked look on his face.
    "The…the...the flare! The Solar Flare! I-it's stronger than we imagined! It seems our Ozone layer isn't like it used to be and the Flare will impact with the LHC in…" He stared at his watch frantically as the two just eyed the machine in horror.
    A loud boom was heard and the heat in both the God Particle Lab and the small room started to rise. Matthew then fainted from heat stroke as the LHC's beams started to fluctuate and send radiation everywhere. Just then, the beam coming from the Large Hadron Collider started to collapse in on itself, as if it was creating a Black Hole. But it didn't. The sound stopped; the beams were gone. It was as if it had never happened, minus the damages to the LHC and the many passed-out people upon the floor.
    "What is that? Who is that? How did this even happen? Science doesn't prove you can exist from this situation, but somehow you do?" Almost hysterically, Abbie walks out of the room to see a floating being. "A boy?" She thought as she looked into its eyes. "But how? S-sorry for my impolite-ness…but who or what are you?"
    The boy floated towards Abbie and landed across from her and then started to do something strange. Its physical shape started to change. It started to become an exact replica of Abbie, herself! The boy started to raise his hand to touch the scientist but it only caused her to panic, trip, and finally hit her head on a large metal rod, causing Abbie to die instantly.
    Scared because of what he had done to her, the boy's shape changed back. He then floated over towards Abbie's body as Matthew awoke and got up from the floor and walked into the room. Shocked to see Abbie dead and the creature with blood on his hands, Matthew angrily ran to her side and started to scream at the boy. Frightened by the tone of Matthew's voice, the boy frantically raised both his hands, causing Matthew to levitate. Matthew then, was pushed back towards the metal wall behind them. Not knowing the strength of his powers, Matthew's whole spine snapped into tiny pieces. He was killed on impact. A split second before his death, Matthew took out his camera and got one photo of the boy.
    Now with the death of two innocent humans on his hands, he had to get the hell out of there. He stood up and his eyes started to glow as his body started to disappear. He then reappeared about five hundred miles away on the roof of a large building. It was there that he swore he would never let himself kill another innocent living being and that he would use he powers to prevent and fix the deaths of others.