• As I slowly began to wake up I noticed 2 things. One, my head was throbbing to the point that I'm sure I had a concussion. And 2, I was being smothered. I opened my eyes to pillows....lots..and lots of pillows. I leaned up and immediately regretted it. My vision started to swim and it felt like I was gonna throw up. I closed my eyes to try and get my bearings but it didn't seem to help at all. Just when it started getting unbearable, a cool, gentle hand was on my forehead, urging me to lay back down. I opened my eyes slowly, and there stood my angel-monster. Being so close I could really see his face clearly. His hair wasn't just blonde, there where a multitude of different colors there, ranging from ash to golden. His face was as pale as a porcelain dolls, but it suited him. No freckles or blemishes on his face and the biggest bluest eye's. Honestly I couldn't stand to look at him.....No one was that prefect. It just really drove home the fact that he wasn't normal. "I suggest you don't get up yet Luna. You took a nasty spill in the hallway, hmm?" He snickered. I got a bit miffed by that. "It wouldn't have happened if I was still home!" I hissed. He still had that stupid smile on his face. He left, closing the door behind him and plunging me back into darkness. I heard the tell tale, CLUNK, of the lock being put into place.....What a jerk.

    The next time I woke up I walked around the room a bit, exploring it. The bed was ridiculous. It was a solid wood four poster bed with dark blue bedding and a mountain of pillows. A small bench was at the foot of the bed. A bookshelf and small table stood on opposite sides of the room. A small bathroom door was by the desk as well. The room was nice but I was locked inside....I am not an animal nor do I do well in captivity. I'm hoping HE comes soon, cause he's got a fight on his hands.