• Diana's trip back was lonely without April to talk to. The moon was out casting shadows on the road. The sky was clear for the most part but for a few clouds. 

    The wind whistled through the trees knocking off the snow from the branches. Rounding the been Diana saw the lack and the hotel. She could hear the church bell chiming. It was eight at night. "I wonder if Spencer's awake?" She asked looking up at the moon. 

    Diana made the horse run the last three minutes to get to the hotel faster. The stable girl wasn't there waiting for her but that was ok. The hours was calm as Diana took off the saddle and rains. As she locked the gate the horses started to whinny. 

    Diana quickly walked out of the barn and started walking to the hotel. "I'll just wait in my room for him." Diana said to herself. 

    Then she felt Spencer's arms around her pulling her back to his chest. He rested his lips on her cheek moving down her neck slowly. Her sent was making him crazy. Diana reached up and rapped her arms around his neck. Pulling his thought away from her sent. 

    Spencer released Diana and puller her arms off from around his neck. "Diana, I promised you I'd tell you everything and I will but not here." With that he picked her up an ran for the woods. The wind was cold on her face so she barred it into his shoulder. 

    Spencer knew that after the story he was going to tell her she may never want to see him again. He had to do this right, he couldn't louse her. They where in the tree line but well out of the sight of others. 

    Spencer stopped running and Diana looked up. They could see the road and the hotel. Spencer put her down on a fallen tree so she could sit while he talked. 

    "Spencer, you don't have to be afraid around me. I just want you to be happy, I know that may sound wearied but its true." He placed a finger on her lips to stop her from talking. 

    "There will be time for words of love soon, but there is a something you must hear first." He took a step away from her and continued. 

    "I am Spencer Von Hisheart son to the former king. And one hundred seventy five years ago I was turned into a vampire." He paused letting that sink in. Then as if to give her proof he smiled showing his teeth. They where longer then his other teeth by a good centimeter and sharper then the others too. When he closed his mouth and opened it again they there gone. 

    "They come out of my gums. Thank of it as a second layer of teeth I kinda control." He explained to her. 

    "But that's not what I need to tell you. I need to tell you about Vanessa, the vampire who made me. It was a stormy night and I was looking out my window when I say her. I thought she was an elf, her skin glowed even though the moon was hidden. So I went to fine her. I had a little half sister from when my father remarried after the death of my mother. Before I left to go look for the woman I went into my sisters room.

    I told her I was going to look for an elf, which is where the rummers started from. Latter when it was decreed I was missing my sister told a made I went looking for an elf and people thought it was so cute they just went with it. Only a few people believed I had became a monster."

    "But why would people think you where a monster?" Diana asked. He winced remembering something unpleasant. Diana reached out for his hand and held it tight. He smiled as he looked into her eyes. 

    "I looked for hours till my body couldn't move anymore." He stopped deep in thought. "I had just turned around to go home when she appeared out of the shadows. The next part I have trouble remembering because it happened so fast. I felt a strap pain in my neck, I had never been so cold in my life." 

    Spencer looked up to see Diana smiling at him warmly. With a sigh he keep going. 

    "I woke up the next day and knew something was wrong. I had tried to sit up but the coffin I was in was to small. All day I stayed up pushing on the lid trying to get out. I lied there for house thinking about my family, friends, and my life up to that day. And trying to figure out why I reacted of iron. 

    Then finally with no warning the lid was lifted and I was free. But my body was to fast for my mind to keep up. It was like the world was moving slowly, I was just to fast for it. 

    When I looked in the mirror and say my reflection I was covered in blood. My shin had darkened and my hair was silver. And standing behind me was the woman I was looking for." Spencer looked at his hands remembering the blood that was once there so long ago. 

    Diana opened her mouth to ask something but Spencer stopped her. A gust of wind blew from behind Diana making him mouth water. He closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths to calm himself. When he opened his eyes Spencer saw Diana shaking. So he pulled off his clock and rapped it around her shoulders. "Thank you." Diana said with a smile.

    "She said her name was Vanessa. She then explained that she was a vampire and how yesterday night she had made me into one. I had no idea what she meant by that yesterday I was with my family. Seeing that I was confused she told me a tail I couldn't believe. 

    She told me how I went crazy and attacked the town. Saying I had killed seventy people, and that I didn't care if it was man, woman, or child. I killed them then drank them dry. 

    Vanessa said I must have known what I was doing because I was tricking people into letting me into there homes. Vampires have to be let in. But when I was done with the town I headed for the castle. Some how I forced myself to not go there. That's when she dragged me to the coffin to sleep."

    Diana couldn't believe what she was hearing. Spencer saw dote in her eyes. Diana hopped that was the end of his story but he started talking again. 

    "She took me to the town and I saw the after math. They had tried to stop me but ended up destroying half the town. Then she took me to the graveyard. There was a new part dedicated to those who died in the attack the night before. 

    I was so angry at Vanessa for what she had made me into. And for what it made me do. So there in the graveyard I ripped her head off. I stayed in the woods near the castle to watch over my family. Living off the blood of animals."

    Spencer let go of Diana's hands and stepped away from her. "Now you know." He said. "And now that you know what will you do Diana, will you still stay by my side. Or do you wish to never see me again. I will respect your decision no matter what."

    Diana thought about his story and how it made her feel. Spencer looked like a statues standing there. His hands where balled into fists. He looked like an angle standing there in the moon light. 

    Diana made up her mind. Standing up she walked over to him and placed her hand on his cold cheek. 

    "What you've done in the past is just that, the past. It doesn't tell me who you are now." When she was done talking he grabbed her and held her tightly. 

    "I thought you where going to leave me." He whispered to her. He tilted her head up to look into her eyes. And with his other hand held he close to him. 

    He leaned down to kiss her but left some room between then. He wasn't going to force her to kiss him this time. Not now that there lives weren't on the line. Diana knew what he was doing so she filled the space kissing him softly. 

    Her lips where soft and warm on him cold hard lips. Spencer could feel the warmth of her body agents him and he wanted to be closer to her. 

    He pulled away leaving her wanting more. Spencer and Diana stood there in the snow just holding each other nether one wanting to let go. 

    They where brought back to the real world by a snapping branch. Spencer looked around trying to find the source of the noise. "Was it an animal?" Diana asked looking around. 

    Looking back to her he smiled and said "It probably was. But it's late and you need to get in doors where it's warm." He picked her up and ran to the hotel. He watched her walk in and then ran to the woods. 

    Spencer knew the noise earlier was no animal. Which meant someone was watching then the whole time. Diana could be in danger, he had to find the person who was watching then.