• The Love Story
    The Girl
    She was wearing a full ball gown just to go out about the town. A dark blood red skirt, her under wear is black with garters holding up fishnet stockings. She has a tight black clincher on laced and a corset over; the corset is laced with black the under part is a silky red. Her breasts pop out so that they look two times bigger than usual. Many guys see her as a whore. Some see her as beautiful little do they know her past. She has black hair curled and put up in an intercut bun swirling and such till it stops and it pins under her bun. She has a hat that covers one eye; Laced with black under coat red just like her corset. Her black hair makes her blue eyes and pale skin stand out. As this is her natural everything. She has a bit of eyeliner on she finds it hard to find but manages since she knows how to make it by herself.
    The Boy
    I sit there alone looking at this magnificent face, her beauty over whelming me. Her dark clothing making me pant in lust. I almost couldn’t help but pounce on her frail frigid body. I had to resist it all at one glance she walked on bowing her head. I wanted to say hi but stopped when I saw the glistening tear on her cheek black from eyeliner. I noticed her foundation was not running. She has her natural pale complexion. She glanced at me and I jumped; for her beauty jumped at me as she scurried faster. I struggled to keep up. It was no hope. I lost her in the crowd. I went to the park and sat down. I put my hands up and head in-between them. I have been searching high and low for about two months since she wandered into our quite little town. I knew I should’ve grabbed her but what if she thought I was trying to hurt her. I looked up at just the right moment –she was across the street standing looking into the shop window at a black funeral dress; probably for an everyday dress wear for she looked somewhat… gothic- I ran across the street and grabbed her shoulder…
    Chapter one
    … She looked up and shrieked for my hat was covering my face so she could not see it. I drew my hand up as she panted heavily crying out “please don’t hurt me” or “I’ll do anything just please let me go” so on so forth. I pulled off my hat and looked into her eyes with severe care and extreme worry on my face. She stopped for a moment and blushed a light pink but on her pale complexion a deep rosy red.
    I smiled and laughed a bit saying in my British accent mid-tone voice that most women say they would die for along with my pale white body that is slightly toned. My jaw-line that goes with my oceanic blue eyes and my nose that perfectly goes from in-between my eyes to a tip of my pinky above my lips. “You look stunning in dark colors mi lady. Won’t you care to talk?”
    She nodded, looking up now that I dipped her and smirked, whispering in her ear “I would love to take you out some time. You are very pretty…” I gave a slight lick of my lips as my eyes grew a blood and a mix of crimson red with a ghostly white tinted rim. I gave a slight kiss on the neck sucking a bit as I pulled away while she shuddered. I noticed her eyes changed from the oceanic blue I have into a snow white eyes her pupil a solid soulless black like a pin point, her rims a crimson red mixed with blood red. I realized was the same as me –an incubus and a succubus meeting isn’t that often after all especially meeting in a small town as so.
    She whimpered into my ear and gripped the back of my shirt. I simply held her tighter saying in a slightly deeper accent now “Oh my… A succubus… In this town? Whatever are you doing?”
    She gave a faint smile and stopped clutching saying in a sweet loving tone. “Nothing… Just wanting to find my love of my life.” She continued drawing herself to her feet “I have been so alone since all the men I see can’t handle me.” I gave a gentle smile and nodded.
    “Well then. You have met an incubus. One of your own kind. What are you ever going to do?...” I gave a more devious smile. “Perhaps...” I paused and thought. “Never mind mi lady.”
    She shook her head and stepped a bit closer. “Oh no sir. You say what you have to say.” Her bangs had slipped out of place at one point so you could not see her eyes only her smile. “Now if you are suggesting that you ask my hand into dating as it is now being called I shall say yes.”
    I smirked and tilted my hat forward. “Then it is settled. You are mine now…” I suddenly grabbed her dipped her about six feet off the ground and bit into her neck smiling as she moaned out. I pulled my fangs out of her soft neck. “Now. You are mine and ONLY mine. Got this mi lady?”
    She nodded and stopped blushing letting her eyes go back to oceanic blue. “yessir… I understand sir…” She sighed a bit and looked to the side whimpering. “Sir… I don’t know your name...”
    I gave a quick smile then became stern. “My name to you is Jack. Okay?” I gave a faint smile realizing the warmth I missed is back. “Now I am not a master I am simply a” I put air quotes up with my fingers “Love. Kay?”
    She nodded once more as the mark had healed into a scar speaking softly “yessir…” She looked up and smiled a bit. Little did I know what this would grow into…

    Chapter Two
    I had taken her to my home. A nice dark place with the acquainting color as a Burgundie maroon. I had some leather couches and such. But not much else. Only because, my room was being worked on. She soon found her way around the house; But she realized my room door was locked.
    She spoke softly “sir… Why is your room door locked? Is there something in there I shall not nor will never see?”
    I spoke back with an equal soft tone but with love and care in it “You will. Mi lady you must realize I have never been with a girl. I tend to be shy.”
    She nodded and spoke back speaking up a bit louder. “Yessir. I understand si-“
    I broke it off “- And stop calling me sir! I may have marked you but no need to treat me like a master.”
    She nodded. “yes…” She paused not knowing what to call me as I broke into her sentence.
    “Honey. Please call me Love hon. Any thing along those lines Kay?” I raised my voice a bit “But do-“ I put emphasis on the next word “Not call me baby.”
    She nodded once again. “yes my lovely. But why not baby?”
    I smirked and said in a shy tone “I never liked” I put air quotes once again with my fingers “Baby. It was to… awkward per say… at least in my mind set.”
    She nodded again “yess- Lovely” she gave an awkward smile. “I wonder what im doing..” she had a worried look in her eyes. I looked at her as my smile quickly went down.
    “What do you mean…” I started to cry walking up to her. “I-I What do you mean mi lady..”
    She looked up and backed up “No! You don’t even know my name!!”
    I looked into her eyes “I don’t know. Will you please tell me?”
    She shook her head “I-I don’t know.”
    “Please.” I started to get desperate.
    “Fine!!” She looked at me with a bit of a disappointment. “My name is Victoria…”
    I smiled faintly “Victoria… such a pretty name…. Tell me….. Are you afraid of me Victoria?”
    She shook her head “No I am not.” She started to blush.
    “It seems you are mi lady. Please be honest.”

    “I’m not Jack. I am quite fond of you.”
    My eyes grew blood and crimson red again the tinted ghostly white rim back. “Victoria” I start putting emphasis “Are you afraid of me?!”
    Her eyes grew the snow white and rimmed with crimson red with blood red in it. “No I am not Jack!”
    “You better not be~!!” She blushed harder and sighed.
    “Yes love..” Is all you heard from her faint soft voice.
    “I’m glad” I paused for a moment and thought if I should show her my room… I decided yes. “Come with me Victoria.”
    I swiftly grabbed her hand and brought her with me to my bed room door. A tall black door with a door knob painted a burgendee maroon. She gasped as some somewhat dark grey just a shade lighter than my door painted elegant swirls down it- a heart in the middle of the top. I looked down at her flabbergasted face showed me how much she simply loved the gothic design.
    “This shall be my room lovely Victoria.” I pulled out a key when she wasn’t looking and unlocked the door.
    “Oh my…” She was stunned when she looked into my room.

    Chapter 3
    “What is it?!” I was afraid she did not like it. For it was too… romantic for her taste.
    “I-It’s perfect…” She looked at the bed that was neatly made so that the red silk under that solid black comforter was showing, the curtains was lined with red silk and with the same fabric as the bed, I had a couple lamps that provided fake candle light-so it wouldn’t burn down my house of course- my bed had some drapes around it netted with black and the main fabric holding it all together was the blood red silk.
    “Is it really now?”
    “yes my love.”
    “I’m happy you think so because-“ I grabbed her by her waste and fell so she was underneath me on the bed after walking a couple feet pinning her on her shoulders. “This is going to be were my first is with you.”
    She gasped and whimpered “J-Jack… what do you mean…”
    I growled into her ear and smirked devious. “I mean I’m going to give rough love to you now my darling.”
    She whined louder as I took off her ball gown to see a mini skirt and fishnet with garters holding them up. I smiled bright as she is a succubus. I leaned down into her ear and growled as I smacked her side thigh as my fingers slightly grabbed her butt and my thumb pawed right over her hip bone “You are mine… got it?!”
    She nodded and gave a slight cry as my hand hit her “Yessir!! I understand!!”
    I smacked again “What did I say about calling me sir?!”
    “I’m sorry!! I’m sorry lovely!! I understand!!”
    I suddenly moved her thong aside and massaged her c**t rough yet with love and softness, listening to her moans in my ear smiling. “Who’s my lovely darling hm?” Is the first thing I growled with love yet a bit of sympathy as I felt me popping her cherry.