• The Girl from the Earth and the Sun

    The birds were chirping outside her window, as though mother earth had sent them just to sing to her. She slowly opened her wide brown eyes and arched her mahogany back as she stretched her arms across her bed. She laid back down and turned to look out the window, she wanted to go back to into in hibernating state, but she knew the Sun would disapprove. So she jumped up and quickly put on some clothes so she could start her day. Mother Earth has blessed her with good sense, a good smile, and good heart, but where she lived most people took advantage of these things, so she always hide them in her backpack, that she carried around with her. The being that knew of her blessing was the Sun, and everywhere she went it followed, watched her, and protected her. It something special this bond that her and Sun shared it was like they were one. She tried hard to hide her feelings and her connection but everywhere she went it showed, and hated even more because she knew the sun was forever watching her so it could see how it made her feel.
    When the day was over the Sun would take it’s mortal form and glad into her one bedroom apartment. It would stand at the door at exactly 8:00pm every day and knock three times. She would run to the door and open it and there the Sun would be.
    “Did you miss me?” the Sun asked
    “No. I didn’t miss you at all.” The girl said though she knew she was lying. The Sun frown and dark rain clouds began to form in the sky.
    “Stop all of that you know I missed you.” The girl stated
    “I know you did, I just wanted to hear you say it.”
    “Do you always have to be such a Richard Sun?” she said as she put her arms around its neck
    “Of course I do, if I didn’t behave like a d**k you wouldn’t talk to me.” The Sun smiled and the light from its teeth nearly blinded her.
    “Hey can you turn that down, sometimes you forget baby that I am from the Earth, and I can’t deal with too much light.” She said as she lean in to kiss it
    “I haven’t forgotten it just you make me so happy, that I can’t help you shine whenever I am around you.” It said in between kisses
    “Mhm… I don’t believe you, but what can I help you with tonight?” she smiled because she knew what the sun had come for, and she expected it to come every night for the same thing.
    “I want to burn you, and torture you.” It said as it pushed her through the front door and unto the couch.
    “You always want to burn me to see if I get darker, you know society won’t accepted me I am too dark.” She murmured as the sun rays ran down the side of her neck.
    “Forget society all that matters is I love you.” It said as the heat from its core began to increase.
    “Okay.” She whispered, as they entered into the world of springtime. She knew it was dangerous to be in love with the Sun, and her mother had warned her time and time again about their relationship, but she couldn’t help it. She was stuck in its gravitational pull and no matter how she tried to escape it, she couldn’t. It was like a cruel game that she loved to play, and the only person to get hurt in the end was herself. She prayed the Sun was being honest with her when it said it loved her, she hoped the Sun had no other lovers but her. But she was too scared to ask, because she fear the answer might lead to her dismissal and she knew she couldn’t live without the Sun. Yes this was a cruel and dangerous game she played, it didn’t matter though because she knew without a shadow of a doubt that her heart like the rest of her body belonged to the Sun.