• The heat still seared his back, the house burning behind him, where one crisis was averted another was starting. The sky was red, fires raging as the man looked to his left, whatever flew out right after he broke the glass door left a mark on the grass of the backyard. He looked over, a body, still twitching, trying to get up, a bright blue light coming from the right eye, the other socket empty. The right arm was missing, the right breast was removed roughly, revealing hollow insides, the pitiful figure still trying to get up.

    He ran from the house, his back quite hot as he looked at the fence, a figure climbing over the fence, another doll, this one had red eyes, a cut around neck, fists clenched with nails hammered in them, a likely source of the other doll’s injuries. It didn’t talk, but everything about it seemed to be saying “kill, destroy, remove” over and over again, a mantra born of robotic desire, free will a concept not acceptable to it. It got close, the man standing there, ready to dodge, the fist flying with surprising speed as a flash of blue protected him, the azure doll taking the blow, the right side of the torso almost compleatly off.

    The man moved, kicking the doll over and pulling the head off by force, glad these wern’t humans as he noted the head of the red doll also had nails hammered in, feeling pain leaking in place of blood for it, the body no longer moving, the head offering no resistance. The azure doll crawled weakly over to the body, grabbing it and making the corpse vanish, the right side and arm regrowing as the mouth changed.

    “Hello, sir.” It said, the mouth a separate piece that only moved up and down, bringing the jaw with it. “I hope to protect you.” It said, voice robotic, even having a small amount of static, surprising the man.

    “W-why?” he asked, the doll seeming to have brushed off his... err... her injuries.

    “they want you dead, sir. I would like to prevent them from getting that.” the doll said, prompting a frown from the man.

    “You’re... fighting to keep them from doing what they want?” He asked, getting a nod, 2 dolls climbing the fence, both the azure doll and the man moving from the back of the house as they looked, the doll removing her right hand, revaling a blade kept under it, throwing the hand to the side. These two were also female dolls, one being similarly nude like the azure one, the other having a charred outfit, looking like a picnic or gardening set outfit.

    The one that was nude held a rack, more nails on it, confusing the man, also with a moving jaw, but it was soon revealed to have a drill instead of a mouth, the one in a dress having claws, much like a cat, and stained with blood this time, covering most of the right arm. The azure doll charged, managing to get a hit on the one with the rake, cutting both arms cleanly, only the elbows left. The man threw the head at the other one, hard, making it stick in the torso, tearing the dress.

    The other one was soon slashed apart by the doll, head cut in half. The doll in the torn dress was on the floor, the force of the throw knocking it down and the doll starting to tear it apart, the man having so recently had a strong expernce with a knife, not wanting to use his own again, blood still fresh.

    Her hand replaced, she grabbed the man’s hand and running. “I’m sorry, sir, but we have to go. I know the radius of wehre they will stop looking for you.” she said, the man running after, huffing for breath. “we can talk later.” it said, as if trying to be comferting.