• Peter was 10, Audrey was 8, and they were the best of friends. They did everything together. Everyday Audrey would come over to Peter's house to play. Everytime she would come to visit, he would give her a daisy from his mother's garden.
    One time Peter said, "Audrey, you're my best friend, and I love you. So I'm going to keep giving you daisies until you have 100."
    Audrey giggled and asked, "Why 100? Where am I going to put that many flowers?"
    "We're going to plant them in our garden," Peter said smiling.
    "But we don't have a garden," Audrey replied in confusion.
    "When we grow up, I'm going to ask you to marry me, and we'll plant them in our garden in front of our house," Peter said looking at the sky.
    "Okay then. But I want our house to be on a cloud in the sky," Audrey replied.
    Peter and Audrey shook hands, just as Audrey's mom said it was time to go home.

    One day, Audrey didn't come to play. Another day passed and still no Audrey. An entire week passed. Peter would wait on the steps of their porch for her until his mom told him it was time for dinner. During dinner, Peter asked his mom, "Mommy, why hasn't Audrey been coming over? Does she not like me anymore?"
    His mother frowned a little.
    "No, sweetie, you know Audrey loves you."
    Peter stared at his plate. His mother smiled.
    "Tell you what. How about after dinner you call Audrey and ask her why she hasn't been visiting?"
    Peter perked up.
    "Okay!" he said as he quickly finished his food.
    After dinner, Peter called Audrey's house. When her mom answered, Peter asked,
    "Hello Audrey's mommy, this is Peter. Can I talk to Audrey?"
    "Oh no, sweetie, i'm sorry, but Audrey's asleep right now. She's been very sick, and needs her rest. I'm sorry I haven't called earlier to tell you. I'm so sorry if I worried you."
    Peter ignored her apologies.
    "Is Audrey going to be okay?" he said in worried voice.
    "I hope so..."
    There was a pause as Peter thought he heard Audrey in the background.
    "I'm sorry Peter, I have to go. Thank you for calling, sweetie."
    She hung up before Peter could say anything else.

    For he next four days, Peter kept going out to pick daisies for Audrey when she got better. He was lmost to 100. Only three away.
    He walked back into the house to see his mother on the couch talking to someone on the phone. Her head was low, and she was talking quietly. Peter wondered what was wrong. When his mother hung up the phone, she looked up at him.
    "Peter? Can you come sit by mommy?"
    Peter was hesitent, but sat next to her.
    "What's wrong mommy? Why do you look so sad?" he asked.
    "You know that Audrey has been very sick for a while now, right?"
    Peter nodded.
    "Well...sweetie i'm so sorry, but Audrey is living with the angels now. She passed away last night in her sleep."
    Peter froze.
    "Audrey's...dead?" Peter said his eyes filling with tears.
    "I'm so sorry," his mother said. Peter wiped his tears on his sleeve.
    "Why are you apologizing? She was sick, it's no one's fault."
    Peter got up and went outside. He went to his mother's garden and picked three more daisies.

    At Audrey's funeral, Peter went up to the small casket with the seven daisies he had picked the week before Audrey passed. He looked in at Audrey. She was wearing a light blue dress that had a flower in the middle and a white coller. It was the same one she was wearing five years ago when they met. Not only that, but she was lying on top of a bed of daisies.
    Peter remembered Audrey's mom telling him that Audrey had said she wanted to be burried like this.
    "If I die, mommy, I want to lay on top of all the flowers Peter gave me, I want to wear the dress I was wearing when I met him, and I want him to kiss me. Because, we were supposed to get married when we got older."
    Peter put one daisy in Audrey's hair, one in her hands, and the rest around her. He leaned over the side of the casket to look at her better.
    "I love you, Audrey. I will love you forever. And I'm sorry I can't live with you in your house on a cloud."
    He lent down and kissed her lightly on the lips. At that moment, Peter could have sworn he heard Audrey say, 'I love you too.'.

    Five years later, Peter goes to visit Audrey. He sits down in front of her, and places a daisy in front of her headstone.
    "Happy anniverary," he says quietly, "I hope you're doing okay. I really miss you."
    He directs his atension to the many photos around her grave. There is one of Audrey with her parents. One of Audrey on her 3rd birthday. One of Audrey standing with Peter at her aunts wedding.
    "God, you were so cute. I bet you're beaautiful now. All of the boy angels must be fighting over you. Promise you won't forget about me?"
    Peter knew she wouldn't answer, but he hoped that she had said, 'I promise.' He kissed his finger and placed it gently on the grass in front of him.
    "I love you, Audrey."
    Audrey's spirit watched Peter walk away and smiled as a tear ran down her face and she vanished.