• China, year 4720 ( 2023 )

    He ran by the tree and looked behind it. He jumped onto the roof. He looked everywhere, but young werecoyote couldn't find him. He grew more impatient after every minute. He gave up after so many attempts on finding his older brother. He sat under the tree, resting his feet after hours of trying to find him.

    "Yusuke, where are you?! I hate it when we play hide-n-seek! I can never find you!"

    Yusuke sprung right down from the tree top. He gave a huge grin and pointed at Yusei.

    "Come on lil bro, I thought you could find me!"

    Yusei pouted, also causing him to slightly blush from mortification.

    "It's unfair! You excel at whatever mom teaches you! Unlike dad, being from the Lin Kuei assassins. Mom is from those ninja's in Japan! Dad teaches you the perfect killing system of China, while mom teaches you the stealth of Japan!

    Yusei started tearing up because on how his brother knows so much more than him.

    "Yusei! If you pay attention to mom and dad, you'll learn something for once! So don't go blaming me for anything."

    Yusuke's golden eyes starred down at the tree. He loved it there. It was so calm and peaceful. Just like everyday of his young life. He got up and started walking back to the house.

    "Yusei! Come quick, dad made dumpling soup!"

    Yusei sprung up and started running back to the house. Dumpling soup was his favorite treat. While Yusei was running home, Yusuke was at the table already and ate it quicker than you could imagine.

    "Yusuke, wait for your brother. He's part of the family and we will eat like a family." Their dad angrily stated out.

    "Sorry dad."

    "It's okay Yusuke, don't do it again."

    When Yusei got home. He found out that the dumpling soup was already on the table. He also ate it fast.

    -End of Flashback-

    "Those were the good old times..." Yusuke sighed when he looked at the roof.

    He rested his head onto the pillow until he heard someone knock on his door.

    "Wonder who that could be?"

    When Yusuke opened the door, he found Aqua just starring at him angrily.

    "You missed today's training... AGAIN!

    "Sorry I just overslept."

    "Like you oversleep all those other times."

    She punched Yusuke in the gut. He groaned in pain on the floor. Aqua just stepped on his face just to piss him off. She left his door and just walked away. Yusuke just flipped her off because of it.

    "Why in the name of Buddha would she do such a thing?"

    The Next Day

    He was walking by the bridge. He watched the waterfall like he did always. Even before he existed, he was doing it; but as Kira. Kira always did that just to release his stress. He stayed there for a couple minutes than left to go train some more.

    After Yusuke was done training for 4 hours straight. Kira randomly popped in.

    "Hey man, how you like to eat out for today? Instead of eating the crap food that my brother usually makes?"

    "Haha, sure why not?"

    The two souls left for dinner. When they got there, everyone was already at the table. When Kira finally got to the table; they started discussing the plans against Shadow.