• Who are you?

    My name is Pyro, he says as he takes out his flamethrower smiling with madness in his eyes

    Aren’t you even curious of whom I am, Light says with a smile as he takes out his flamethrower.

    Pyro simply smile as his flamethrower glows velvet, I don’t need to know your name because when I kill you no one will know you.

    Pyro charges at Light knocking him down as a blast of white fire hits his chest blasting him back. Light stands as bright wings appear to be on his back and he takes to the sky with his flamethrower consuming the area in white flames. Almost immediately Pyro takes to the skies sweeping the white flames away with his velvet red wings.

    But, how is that possible, I am the purest you should have died, yells Light enraged by the survival of Pyro.

    Pyro smiles as thousands or angels with flamethrowers surround his body, only the purest may win this battle.

    I am the purest and I refuse to lose to a demon like you, yells Light as his body emits a huge light aura and he charges into the army of angels.

    Before light is able to make any contact with the angels Pyro intercepts the blow and takes the full force of light, I refuse to let you harm my comrades.

    It was at that moment in time Pyro falls to the ground below and thousands of angels enter his body in support.

    What the hell is going on I am the pure one not him you must be demons as well, screams Light as he takes out his second flamethrower shooting the ground in rage engulfing the entire forest in flames that roast with a white glow.

    Pyro slowly stands up and flies to the skies glowing with a pitch-dark velvet glow pulsing with power, if you are pure of heart why aren’t any angels helping you.

    That’s because your controlling them or something, yells light as he charges Pyro burning his chest.

    Then suddenly velvet red consumes the body of light and Pyro turns the flames into knives and has them float idle in the air as he sticks a thousand knives into light. Light falls to the ground stunned by the performance of speed projected by Pyro.

    H-how did you do that, Light says stunned.

    Pyro smiles as he responds, in order to be the ultimate good you must sacrifice yourself to kill everyone and put them into a better place.

    But its impossible, that’s so evil your aura is red that’s evil, snarls Light

    Actually it’s the purest of colors it means its true to the blood, but in the end I the one true Pyro will succeed in my quest.

    Can I have my final words before I die, begs Light

    Pyro smiles and replies, no as he swiftly blasts Lights body into oblivion with his flamethrower.

    That was too easy smiles Pyro, but in the end Light always prevails Ahahahahahaha.

    The end