• My name is Charlotte Dumas. I am a perfectly normal teenager. Except for the fact that I never go out with friends, school is my goal in life, and adults call me a remarkably well behaved child. My mother is proud of me. I never talk back and do as told. I am perfectly unremarkable, even pitiful. I often wished that I could be like the other people at school. Rebellious. However it just isn't in my nature. Upon telling my mother this, she merely said,
    "Don't worry, baby. One day the aliens are going to kidnap you and replace you with a clone."
    While she was joking, she was right. Aliens were going to kidnap me. And they changed my life.

    Charlotte laid on her bed, ear buds in and a summer reading novel before her. It was late for her, almost twelve. But just this once she wanted to stay up until the new day came. It was her first time being home on her birthday, and she wanted to relish every single moment.
    Charlotte checked her phone for messages, saddened to see no texts from her mother yet. It was late, but she still wanted to hear from her mother.
    The girl sighed, reluctantly turning to her volume of 1984. She had already read it four times, but while she stayed with her uncle, there was no other form of entertainment. Even the apps on her phone-few as they were- could not keep away the boredom.
    Charlotte's head snapped up as a chill ran down her spine. She jerked the ear buds out and looked around. She could have sworn that she just heard the sound of a door closing. And while it was her uncle's house, he was at work in the ER. Charlotte was alone in the house.
    God, she thought, Am I about to be murdered?