• Violette

    Where is he? She wondered if she was wrong to assume he would be looking for her. "Well, this ruins my good time." Violette was a free spirit; never let anything get to her. This was just a minor inconvenience; she would just have to find someone else for the night. She looked around the room for some company, but everyone looked way too drunk to be coherent. Finally, she just settled for the barkeep.

    "How are you today, Barth?"

    "I'm doing well, Violette. Waiting for him again?"

    "Yes, though I'm afraid he may not be coming."

    "Don't worry, he'll be here. He's never refused you."

    "Hmm, I do believe you're right," she said wickedly. "Anyways, how is your family?"

    "Doing well," he said, "the kids are starting to get older and my wife is getting more and more irritated with them, any more problems and I swear she's going to behead them," he chuckled. "Course, she'd have to catch them first, fast little devils." He turned around. "He's here. Talk to you tomorrow, Violette."

    "Goodnight, Barth," she said.