• Gunners #2 First Step to War
    Sorrows of War
    The Bio weapons were created as soldiers to fend off any invasion, any mass destruction, and protecting governments and facilities, and also on secret special missions. They can achieve anything and can surpass normal humans; they have more stamina, more power, and more athletic abilities than humans. And could lift anything, they have bio cells. Bio cells help them run through their veins and help their minds to unlock certain abilities that most humans cannot. Their minds can think smarter and in any deadly situation they can adapt to it, they also have healing abilities and regeneration. Though with all the bio weapons they are all still clones.
    A woman in red with a red dress, with red lipstick with red eyes has red and black hair as she carries a 92f berretta as she begins practicing with her pistol
    Servant: good evening, madam, I have the reports from the last attack on our transports
    Woman: read them out
    Servant: yesterday morning, our supply trucks which is supposed to be delivered to the 2nd B Facility was attacked by the so called B.W.F however they recruited a special team from around the world such as the famous Captain in the Russian Soviet Army Valentina
    An ace pilot from the U.K Air Force Leon Davidson
    A marine from the U.S Marine Corp Rachael
    And they’ve place one of their best bio weapon soldiers, Bio #01, Bio #015 and Bio #010
    Did you say Bio #01?
    Yes madam I did
    He gives her the picture
    Hurisha: quite unique, reminds me the first clone that we’ve created back then, one of the first Hurisha bio weapon clones ever created Bio #0
    But pity she disappeared though
    Hmph oh well, we can always create new ones, this Bio #01 seems interesting, I can tell it by her eyes
    Anything else?
    Servant: Gunners suddenly appeared in the area
    Hurisha: come again?
    Servant: Gunners, madam
    Hurisha: I knew this day would come; we haven’t fought them in years….. we thought they’d be gone by now after when Rukina destroyed the ancient rocket
    Why did they come back?
    Servant: by one of our spies, we believed they wanted to consume the world their leader is Seth
    But, Bio #01 managed to hold back Seth and destroyed his barrier shield
    Hurisha: a bio weapon destroying a Gunners power shield?
    Interesting, I knew this one was special
    Looks like an old enemy has came into our secret war
    Hurisha: send a message to all facilities and areas and military bases, tell them to boost up their defenses, we’ll send out our latest technology to them and also we will send out our best clones to defend their facilities, and also I’ll fund everyone’s research and weaponries, go now
    Servant: yes madam
    Hurisha: this world has become quite interesting indeed….
    Heh… I love it!
    Meanwhile at the B.W.F base
    Alright Bio #01 now I want you to turn your head here please
    Bio #01: understood
    Valentina: good evening doctor, what is going on here?
    Well I’m testing out the new suits, I already repaired her chest plate, and her right arm gauntlet armor, but I’m also trying to test out the new soft ware on the helmet she’s wearing
    Valentina: looks good on her
    Now Bio #010 can you start moving you’re arms?
    Bio #010: understood
    Valentina: you know when Bio #01 was in her tube, she said something about….
    She must know everything, she must understand everything
    Scientist: oh haha! Yeah she says that whenever she’s in serious damage sometimes, though it is odd though she’s the only bio weapon to say that to herself, not much bio weapons can talk like that
    Valentina: yet she sounds more human than a bio weapon
    She seeks knowledge… no that’s not right, she seeks….
    Life, maybe that’s what all bio weapons want to look for, a feeling of a human,
    Rachael: hey guys!
    Leon: new suits?
    Doctor: how you like em?
    Rachael: they look great!
    Onimaru: good evening
    Doctor: ah! Director Onimaru! Good evening sir
    Onimaru: good evening to you too Dr. Nomura
    Nomura: what brings you here today sir?
    Onimaru: I have a mission to all six of you
    Rachael: a mission? Sweet!
    Onimaru: all of you people will be going to the South America, you will meet an engineer, he will be your engineer from now on
    Valentina: so we’re recruiting somebody in the team huh? Is that it?
    Onimaru: no that’s not it, after when you pick up the engineer, you’ll all be heading out to a Hurisha Laboratory, steal all data then….
    Destroy it
    Valentina: understood sir, well then
    Squad! Move out!
    They head out to South America as they left the door
    Onimaru: Dr. Nomura, about that report on Bio #01, what did you got on her?
    Dr. Nomura: well sir, Bio #01 has been acting strange, what Captain. Valentina said was right
    Bio #01 is beginning to talk like a human
    Onimaru: if Bio #01 begins to turn against us
    You know what to do with her, Dr. Nomura
    Dr. Nomura: yes I understand sir
    Onimaru: besides, with Rukina dead, and the professor missing, it will take long for us to win this war
    The only left of Rukina’s love is that Bio #01…..
    Dr. Nomura: but sir, why did you clone your very own daughter and made them into weapons?
    Onimaru: a deal… was a deal
    She said she could bring my daughter back, but she needed clones for her needs.
    I’ll do anything to bring my own daughter back, after that…..
    I’ll wipe these clones out one by one, even if they want to learn the existence of the human feeling that will never “Ever” happen
    Bio #01: ……
    Valentina: Bio #01
    Bio #01: yes ma’am?
    Valentina: what is it do you seek?
    Bio #01: to serve and-
    Valentina: no, that’s not what I meant Bio #01
    I meant
    Valentina: what is it do you want to understand?
    Bio #01: …. Under…. Stand?
    Valentina: you fought that Seth guy, and when you were in the tube repairing your body you said you wanted to know everything
    What was it?
    Bio #01: …..
    A feeling…. To be human
    Valentina: to be human?
    That doesn’t sound so bad….
    I already lost my humanity, I forgot what it like is to be human again, guess that’s the price I paid for fighting too much
    Bio #01: paid… the price?
    Valentina: back then, all I cared about was my country; I would always force my squad into dangerous situations, even suicide one by one they would die and their blood would always be spilled on my hands, every time I knew it would always be the only way to commit suicide for your country, to live and fight, to spread the blood with your own very hands
    I’ve already forgotten what it was like to be human all I know is what it’s like become an animal
    Leon: hey we’re here!
    They landed as they hop off
    Engineer: haha, hey guys thanks for dropping by
    Valentina: you must be the engineer
    Engineer: yes ma’am! Glad to serve you Captain!
    Valentina: pleasure is all mine, what’s your name?
    I’m Deroy Bricks!
    Valentina: glad to have you join us Deroy
    Deroy: not a problem, so shall I explain the situation?
    Valentina: absolutely
    Deroy: our mission is to infiltrate the Hurisha Laboratory and steal all the data we can, such as photos, experiments anything!
    Valentina: alright then, let’s go, Bio #01, #010 and #015 take point
    Bio #01: understood
    They all went in front and prepared for any traps
    Deroy: these are the bio weapons I heard of right?
    Valentina: yes they are special ones
    Deroy: I see, interesting actually
    Valentina: yeah
    Bio #01: ?!
    A robot suddenly appears
    Bio #01: initiating right arm gauntlet
    She fires out a huge wave cannon from her arm
    Bio #01: moving on
    Valentina: that suit does come in handy huh?
    Bio #010: location confirmed, Hurisha Lab
    They all entered in
    Valentina: see what you can find, anything and steal it, then blow this place to bits!
    Leon: you know it’s really weird that there are no people here
    Rachael: you’re right, it is pretty quiet actually
    Valentina: wait…. Unless….
    Self destruct in ten minutes
    All doors were shut down
    Valentina: s**t!
    BIO #01! BIO #015! And BIO #010!
    s**t my radio doesn’t work!
    Deroy: I’ll see if I can hack into the computer mainframe!
    Valentina: the quicker the sooner!
    Bio #01: ……
    Bio #015: there is no data
    Bio #010: abort mission?
    Bio #01: wait
    Bio #01 tries to hack into the computer
    Bio #01: …….
    She sees Rukina Sakura in the data
    Bio #01: Ru…. Kina….?
    Bio #015: time to abort mission Bio #01
    Bio #01: …..
    They all ran back to the door as Deroy finally opened it
    Ten seconds to self destruct
    Deroy: alright guys! Let’s get out of here!
    Valentina: go go go!
    Bio #01: activing speed boost
    The bio weapons began strengthening their speed as they carried everyone and ran as fast as they could from the facility
    Deroy: s**t that was close!
    Valentina: it was a trap!
    Deroy: s**t I didn’t know anything about a trap!
    Leon: is this a whole set up from Onimaru?!
    Valentina: if it is, then we’ve been used
    Rachael: ********! Well then I’d say we go back and kick Onimaru’s a** then!
    Deroy: but what if he doesn’t know if this was a trap?
    Valentina: then we’ll just have to find out by beating the crap out of him
    Deroy: I’ll see if I can contact him
    Hello this is Deroy here; we need to speak with Onimaru
    Yes one moment
    Onimaru: Onimaru here, what is your status?
    Valentina: unfortunately Director Onimaru, this mission was a set up, you led us into a trap!
    Onimaru: a trap?
    Valentina: yes! Why in the hell would you lead us into a trap?!
    Onimaru: this msut be Hurisha’s doing, she must’ve known I’ve sent you
    Valentina: don’t give me that damn excuse! This mission was a set up!
    Valentina: did you?!
    Onimaru: no, even if I did, I would have ordered my bio weapons to kill you
    Look, I have a another mission for you
    Rachael: great another mission, ******** me dead!
    Onimaru: in the North West there is a Hurisha Military, there you will find a weapon
    Valentina: what sort?
    Onimaru: a high artillery weapon which fires out a cannon that could destroy anything through its path
    Valentina: we could use the fire power, fine, this better be worth it
    Bio #01: I’ll take point
    Valentina: Bio #01?
    Bio #01: I’ll take point, for the squad
    Valentina: well then, go on a head
    Deroy: man these bio weapons act like robots that never question their commanding offices
    Valentina: I wouldn’t they their robots Deroy
    Deroy: sorry
    Valentina: don’t worry, I hope this military isn’t far, since I just got out of my cell, I haven’t been walking lately
    Bio #01: location confirmed
    Valentina: we’re here already?
    Deroy: militaries are usually found near labs
    Bio #01: initiating attack
    Valentina: no not yet
    Let’s give them a surprise attack
    Rachael: hehe, well I guess it’s time
    She takes out her sniper rifle
    Valentina: I’ll go the other way around
    Leon: I’ll go head back and get the chopper, Deroy you follow with Bio #01 and the rest
    Deroy: got it
    Valentina: when I say mark, fire
    Rachael: roger
    Bio #01 runs in and fires out her machine gun at them, then she gets out her H.A.G and fires out a huge blast, while the rest of the Bio weapons jumped in and killed off the remaining forces. Valentina and Rachael destroys the vehicles with their rocket launchers as they all escorted Deroy to the weapon facility
    Deroy: woah, look at this
    This is some strange energy; I don’t think this is even from our world
    Valentina: what is it then?
    Deroy: I don’t know
    Valentina: whatever it is, we’ll take it, Bio #010, I want you to hold it
    Bio #010: understood
    Valentina: Leon, we have the weapon come pick us up
    Leon: yeah, I know I know this might take a few minutes though reckon you can hold up over there?
    Valentina: yeah, just get here quickly; I hear reinforcements are coming this way
    Leon: roger that
    Rachael: I wonder if we can-
    A portal suddenly opens up
    Valentina: what the?!
    Rachael: what the ********?! Don’t tell me it’s them again!
    Deroy: woah…..
    Bio #01: ….
    Energy readings unknown
    Seth: you’re mine.
    Seth grabs Bio #01 who was holding the energy gun as he drags her into the portal
    Valentina: Bio #01!
    Valentina was about to grab her arm but it was too late
    Valentina: no!!!!
    Rachael: damn it! We gotta move, fast!
    Valentina: goddamn it!
    Rachael: damn it Captain, we have to move!
    Valentina: ********! Fall back!
    Meanwhile on the other side
    A portal opens up as Seth was holding Bio #01
    Bio #01: ……
    Seth: well, what do you think my love?
    What do you think of the Gunners world?
    Bio #01: Gunners…. World?
    Where… am I….?
    Seth: I’m surprised you talk, come follow me
    Bio #01: you are…. Seth?
    Seth: ah you remembered my name, sorry about before, I see your body has been healed correct?
    Bio #01: ….
    Seth: come we’ll be meeting someone
    Bio #01: ?
    They began walking to an unknown building, a tall one with amazing technology; they headed up in an elevator. Once they reached on the top floor they walked into somebody’s room
    Ah, you came back
    Seth: yes master
    This must be the human’s creation yes?
    Seth: yes master
    I see such a beautiful creation indeed….
    Bio #01: …..
    Her systems in her armor began to give out orders inside of her mind
    Mission: Escape
    Bio #01: understood, mission objective commencing online
    All systems green
    Seth: what the…?
    Bio #01 takes out a smoke grenade and throws it onto the ground
    Seth: damn I should of taken all of her equipment away before getting her into the portal!
    She begins running out of the doors and jumps out of the window
    She was falling from a 12 story tower as she lands on her feet
    Bio #01: running to rendezvous point
    This is Bio #01, can anyone copy? Over
    There was no signal
    Bio #01: I repeat this is Bio #01 is there anyone there? Over?
    No response
    Bio #01 reloads her two 9mm pistols and takes out her M16
    Bio #01: proceeding with caution
    Bio #01: hostiles in bound
    She takes cover and fires one of the Gunners
    Bio #01 dodges and fires her rifle at them
    She managed to pin one down
    Gunner: heh….
    He suddenly gets up with a healing ability
    Bio #01: analyzing body
    Her gadgets began to scan the body
    Reading’s abnormal, weak point, the Cranium skull
    Bio #01: understood
    She fires one of the Gunners head as he fell down
    2nd Gunner: WHY YOU!
    Bio #01 jumps up and keeps running
    Meanwhile on the other side
    Valentina: ah ********! I can’t reach Hakuru!
    Where the hell is she?!
    Rachael: Deroy can you pick her up?!
    Deroy: I think… wait….
    I think I have her signal!
    This is Bio #01, can anyone copy? Over
    Valentina: move! This is Valentina! We copy you over!
    Deroy: damn, our voice can’t reach to her!
    Valentina: ******** she went inside that portal didn’t she?!
    This is Onimaru can you read me? Over
    Valentina: we ******** hear you Onimaru!
    We can’t reach contact with Bio #01! She’s probably inside that portal thingy or whatever!
    Onimaru: I see, then she must be in another dimension
    Rachael: DIMENSION?!
    Rachael: ********! Are you B.W.F guy’s triyng to ******** with us?!
    Valentina: tell us Onimaru, who the ******** are we dealing with?!
    Onimaru: very well, you are dealing with people known as Gunners, people who have beings known as Angels and Demons
    Deroy: um… excuse me?
    Leon: this is a joke right?
    No, you are dealing with high trained killers who are suppose to balance the good and evil in our world
    Valentina: this is ******** up, I did not join this squad just to hunt some fairy tale crap!
    We’re supposed to be dealing with the Hurisha Company! Not those ******** angel or whatever Gunners!
    Onimaru: if you want Bio #01 back you must listen to my instructions, there should be another energy source that they built with for the weapon, check the storage rooms, there should be instructions on how to build an artificial portal
    Valentina: oh so now you didn’t tell us about Hurisha building a portal that’s just great, ********! Fine then!
    Deroy get to the energy storage area
    We’re going to bring our comrade home
    Deroy: understood
    Valentina: once the portal has been built, Rachael and Bio #010 will head inside the portal, Leon and Bio #015 will guard Deroy
    And Deroy you make sure you keep that portal open
    Bio #01: …..
    GET HER!
    Bio #01 jumps up and throws her grenade
    Bio #01: survival is a priority, proceeding with the mission
    As she kept fighting, Onimaru sits on his chair and talks with the scientists
    Sir, we succeeded on developing the elites
    Sir, with Bio #01, I fear that her capabilities might….
    Exceed over the elites
    Yes I am aware of that
    Her mind might turn on us
    Sir, if she comes back would you like us to implant the drug inside her m-
    No, wipe out everything
    Wipe out her data, her mind, her memories
    Turn her, machine
    Do not let any of Valentina’s squad know about this
    Scientist: very well sir, oh and sir, there has been numerous rumors about Project. Apple
    Onimaru: what about it?
    They say there’s a mad scientist inside, we didn’t get his name but, he destroyed most of his bio data
    Onimaru: send out a small group of soldiers inside, see what’s going on
    Understood sir
    Onimaru: Project. Apple….
    Dispatch the elites
    Get them to pick up the special squad
    Yes sir
    Onimaru: ….
    Bio #01….
    Bio #01: initiating combat mode to right arm
    Gunners: AAAAH!
    They were all being blown away until Seth shows up with his members
    Seth: stop, your just wasting your own energy
    Bio #01: …..
    She points her gun at him
    Bio #01: target……
    Seth: ah so you do remember my name haha, that’s good
    Bio #01: kill target
    Seth: Bullet Crusader Rain
    The bullets began to fall from the sky as Bio #01 began dodging the raining laser bullets
    She jumped up and does a spinning back kick but Seth’s shield was open
    Bio #01: KYAH!
    She launches full force on the shield as she cracks it
    Seth: tch!
    Bio #01 grabs out her gun and fires the cracked shield
    Seth: attack!
    Bio #01 does her judo technique, then her tae kwon do and ninjutsu
    Bio #01 takes out her H.A.G and fires out rapid rocket launchers
    Then takes out the huge energy beam gun
    Bio #01: targets confirmed!
    Firing in
    Bio #01: moving on with the objective
    Seth: stop you fool
    Bio #01: target on sight, readings over the charts, threat level, high
    Proceeding with combat mode
    What in god’s name is she talking about? Is she to herself? Damn it Seth! This must be one of your friends on trying to kill me isn’t it?!
    Seth: why no of course not my lord
    The Gunners began to surround her
    Bio #01: …..
    Seth: one last time, if you don’t behave I’ll have to-
    Bio #01 shoots at him with her 9mm pistol
    Seth: what a bother, take her down, but do not kill her!
    Bio #01: …..
    Bio cells to full potential to 100 percent
    Unleash full power in
    Bio #01 spreads both of her arms out as her armor has the ability to make a huge shock wave
    Everybody was being slammed to the walls and were being pushed away by the force by Bio #01
    Bio #01 jumps up and punches Seth in the face
    Seth: AH!
    Valentina: done yet?
    Deroy: yeah, I hope this works; we only have one shot at this!
    Valentina: okay then, here goes nothing….
    They activate it as the power turned on
    Bio #01: energy readings located up North
    Continuing on with the objective
    Valentina: the portal!
    Deroy: Bio #01, can you copy over?!
    Bio #01: this is Bio #01, I read you
    Valentina: give me that! Bio #01 there should be a portal up a head of you!
    Bio #01: roger that, I’ll-
    Valentina: Bio #01! Bio #01 are you okay?! Damn!
    Valentina grabs her M16
    Valentina: Deroy, hold the portal as long as you can for me, I’m going in!
    Deroy: but we only have five minutes left!
    Valentina: that’s enough time for me ro rescue her! I will not leave a comrade behind!
    Leon: you heard her Deroy
    Deroy: alright then commander
    Valentina: if I don’t come back, then it is an honor in serving with you all
    She jumps into the Gunners world
    Valentina: “huff” “huff” Bio #01!!!!
    Seth: heh, what’s the matter girl?
    Out of juice already?
    Bio #01: healing proceeding to the left arm…..
    Seth: oh stop with that nonsense talk, I’ll make sure to get you kill my master for m-
    Seth: what?!
    Valentina: do not touch my comrade you b*****d!!!!
    Seth: Gunners seize her!
    Gunners: Crusader Blade!
    Valentina does a leg slide and jumps over them
    Valentina: we’re getting you out comrade!
    Seth: why you!!!
    Seth: what is that?!
    Rachael: what up suckers!
    Leon: come on hurry get in!
    Valentina: I thought you guys were helping Deroy!
    Leon: don’t worry he can manage, we seriously need to hurry though, we only have two minutes left!
    Valentina: then hit it!
    Rachael slams the pedal as they all get drove out
    Bio #01: l… left arm…. Is… left arm-
    Valentina: oh shut up and stop talking like a robot, Bio #010 put pressure on her left arm, Bio #015 put her to sleep
    Leon: we got…. Some boogies coming after us
    Valentina: make sure they don’t damage the hummer
    Leon fires the turret gun as Seth and his companions fly over at Leon
    Seth: Crusader Flame!
    Rachael turns to the right then to the left
    Leon: Rachael, since you’re driving the car! You better not get us killed!
    Valentina: there! The portal! Drive through!
    Seth: no I will not let them escape!
    Seth blocks them
    Valentina: Rachael drive through him!
    Rachael: you got it ma’am!
    Seth: AAH!
    They successfully drove through him as they entered into the portal and closes
    Seth: NOOOOO!!!!!!
    Valentina: that was good driving, say why didn’t Leon drive?
    Rachael: because I shotgun to be the driver first, hehe
    Valentina: heh, no wonder
    Leon: next time I’m driving…..
    Deroy: I contacted the whole the B.W.F they will be giving us a road back to HQ
    Valentina: good
    Bio #01: left arm, healed
    Valentina: it’s good that you’re still alive
    She hugs her
    Bio #01: Valentina….
    Thank you
    To be continued
    Next Chapter: #3 Each step to Victory