• Gunners #6 The Demons Helmet
    Hands of Guns
    The Demons Armor, not much humans know about the Demons Armor, or the angels, or the demons. But only a few were chosen to hear the tale of the demons armor, it was no forged by Satan, nor was it forged by the gods. It was forged by an unknown demon. She was once human like us; they called her The Dark Knight. She would appear in darkness slaughtering bandits and sins. But on one dreadful night an unknown demon came by and attacked her, half dead on the ground she swore to herself that she would rise up again and slay the demons that have entered in this world. With her half broken body, the demon that has defeated her stand before her and looked down upon, angered from defeat she rose up her sword and swings it at the demon. The demon grabbed the blade and looked into the human’s soul. There all she could see was hatred, bloodshed and with a heart that never dies out. She tells her “what is your purpose?” her answer: To kill those who kill the Innocent, and to kill evil that brings madness to this world, even if I have to use evil
    The Demon was impressed by the courage of her words and her soul, instead of eating her and torturing her, she began to use half of her blood to be mixed with the humans blood
    The human began to resist but it was no match against the demon. The blood matches and the human screamed with pain and anger as she swings her blade against the demon. Her armor began to change, her eyes began to turn red, her hair grew longer as her sword grew bigger, longer and sharper as her helmet changed as well
    Her facial appearance changed as well as she looked at the demon
    “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!” she screamed with hate
    “I have turned you into another different being; you are no human anymore…. You are now The Demon Knight, people shall now fear you, so will the Gods and the lord of Hell, death shall not fear you, but you shall use that Death on bringing destruction and hatred on evil itself”
    You may thank me later…. Young warrior.
    As she began to forget the memories of the demon, she began slaughtering those who appose her and those who have threaten the human world. But with the battle against The Demon Samurai, she has lost her demon helmet deep down somewhere in the ruins of Japan.
    Hakuru reloads her 9mm pistol and puts it down on the table
    Yamota: those are nice shots
    Hakuru: thanks, you too
    Yamota: oh you know me, the best goddamn cow girl in the west haha
    Hakuru: that ascent of yours is pretty weird
    Yamota: that’s because I was born in Osaka
    Hakuru: true
    Yamota: now with the Evil Energy back what are you going to do?
    Hakuru: probably find more power
    My whole body wants more power for some reason, and also Hinkyo hungers for more
    I feel evil inside my body, though I want to fight it
    But I want to use evil against evil
    Hakuru: it’s weird right?
    Yamota: yeah no kidding, though you do turn evil sometimes
    Hakuru: yeah you can say that again
    Yukina: hey guys
    Hakuru: hey Yukina, anything new today?
    Yukina: yes, here
    Hakuru catches it and opens it up
    Hakuru: woah!
    Yamota: *whistle* it’s a katana
    Yukina: like you’re previous katana, I made it sharper, lighter, a bit longer and also more strength!
    Hakuru: it’s absolutely ******** perfect!
    Now I can slay a lot of bastards
    My whole body is hungry for blood!
    Hakuru: come on Yamota let’s go kill bad people!
    Yamota: what?! We’re on a killing spree?!
    Hakuru: just kidding, though I really do want to test out this new weapon of mine
    Yamota: *we’re totally are going on a killing spree*
    Hakuru: oh look at this
    “Death is Meaningless”
    Hakuru: I love that saying on my blade
    Yukina: yeah, it was used on your previous blade as well
    Hakuru: of course it was, Death is always meaningless to me, I don’t fear death
    Yamota: that’s right! Hakuru is the toughest girl of all
    Yukina: hmph, nice words, reckon they can fight off the death?
    Hakuru: heh, probably, wanna try?
    Yukina: hahaha!
    Hakuru: hahah!
    Yamota: hahah!
    Hakuru: well anyways, this is boring!
    We’ve defeated every goddamn fight in Japan
    Today, we’re going to do something way different
    Yamota: and what’s that?
    Hakuru: The way the demon knight fought that b*****d Satan, the way she resisted the gods, the way she fought Diablo
    The way she protected the whole entire human race
    Hakuru: The Demon Knight didn’t just protect only one country did she?
    Yukina: actually no, in my records, she actually went the entire globe and saved everyone
    Hakuru: then it’s decided
    We’re going around the whole globe
    Yamota: what?
    Hakuru: face it Skull Gunners, we’ve been fighting in one country for a while and we’ve all claimed our own victory, The Dark Gunners claim their victory, The HellsBound Crisis Gang gain claim their victory, The Falcon Squadron claim their victory and so did we
    We’re going around the whole globe
    We’re not the only Gunners you know that?
    Yukina: now I know what you mean!
    Haha, well you are crazy
    Yamota: you saying we’re going to fight other Gunners?
    Hakuru: yeah, any Gunner, but not only that, we’re also going to save innocent lives as well
    Such as Africa, the children there, the hunger, the war
    Afghanistan, there is still war there…. Australia will be leaving that country soon, but with America, they would never give up on helping the military
    So that’s why we’re going to join in and start helping out. But we’re just have to start infiltrating
    We’re going to any country, anywhere as long as there’s a fight
    Yamota: is that so?
    Hakuru: yeah, I wonder if we can bring Saya along.
    Nah she’s too busy….
    Hakuru: get everyone here Yukina, I want everything to be ready as soon as possible
    Yukina: will do
    Yamota: what about me Hakuru?
    Hakuru: you’re gonna stay with me buddy
    Yamota: man I like it how you say buddy, now you’re starting to talk like a real human
    Hakuru: all because of you, thanks
    Sukya: what’s this about, I’m tired…
    Kanome: yeah, me too
    Fuka: honestly leader, what is it?
    Hakuru: we’re going overseas
    Rizumi: how long?
    Hakuru: probably forever
    V: forever? Hakuru are you telling me we’re over the globe?
    Hakuru: yes, we’re going to kill evil
    V: and how are you going to do that?
    Hakuru: kill the most biggest organization there is on the map, any organization, as long as its an evil and bad one
    V: yeah?
    Hiyane: and how we going to find that?
    Hakuru: information, we’re gonna go to Bangkok
    Asuka: ?
    Rizumi: Bangkok huh?
    Hakuru: yep, I hear toughest ******** are there
    So we’re gonna kill em and wipe them all out
    V: so The Skull Gunners are on a killing spree
    Hakuru: its called helping people not a killing spree
    V: same thing
    Hakuru: ******** you
    V: heh, well I kinda like this idea of yours
    When do we leave?
    Hakuru: probably tomorrow
    V: tomorrow aye?
    Well then what are we waiting for?
    Let’s all prepare then! Let’s not stand here!
    Sukya: augh…. Another adventure
    Hakuru: we’ll kill whoever tries to stand in our way, and we will kill those who kill the innocent
    We’ll kill those bastards, even if we must become evil ourselves
    Hakuru: besides with those Gunners out of our way now, we can now freely do what we want, they can take our job from here
    V: that’s true
    This is going to be fun
    Hakuru goes outside with her blade and gear and her black jacket as she looks to the sky
    Hakuru: I wish I could turn this sky into blood
    The raining blood sure looks tasty
    Hakuru: hm?
    She hears something
    Hakuru: …..
    She takes out her katana and swings behind her, it was The Demon Samurai
    Demon Samurai: nice, but you’re still stiff
    Hakuru: its you….
    Demon Samurai: Hakuru Sakura, The Death
    You got a new blade, looks like mine…
    But completely different, lighter, stronger, sharper…
    And its thirst for blood is stronger than mine
    To be more powerful you must take one of The Demon Knights armor
    Hakuru: armor?
    Demon Samurai: another organization is looking for unknown artifacts
    They are scattered around the world
    And I’m holding one
    Hakuru: …?!
    She took the helmet out and showed it to Hakuru
    Hakuru: this is…
    Demon Samurai: this is the only piece of memory I have of The Demon Knight, do not let them take this helmet, if they do, who knows what they will do with it….
    Hakuru: such a burden…. Can I keep it?
    Demon Samurai: if you wish, but the power is vast
    Hakuru: I’ll take my chances, though I shall use my power instead, wearing this helmet is far too dangerous, but when the time is right I will have to wear it
    Wanna tag along with us?
    Demon Samurai: I have many places to go too, good luck on your quest on slaying evil Hakuru
    Hakuru: heh, tell me…. What was she like?
    Demon Samurai: the Demon Knight?
    She walked away in the mist as Hakuru smirks
    Hakuru: cute huh?
    Hakuru: I wonder if I can look cute like The Demon Knight?
    And maybe I already do
    Saya: that b***h!
    Kikio: what is it?
    Saya: Hakuru’s on the move
    She’s going around the globe
    Kikio: you mean around the world?
    Saya: same thing
    Anyways, she’s not staying here anymore, not until every evil has been banished
    Saya: its boredom, she’s sick of this boring country….
    She wants to go and kill….
    Shesh ungry that’s right
    Saya: well then, if she’s going then I’m going
    Saya: we’re going to kill!
    Rev: boss?
    Is that so?
    Rev: yo listen up gang, our boss wants us to go out and kill any bad boys…
    As in guys that treat kids like s**t, treat innocents like garbage, treat the streets as their own, they can’t even take care of their own s**t in their city, they don’t even know how to run their own crap!
    We’re gonna kill them gangs, we’re gonna show we’re the real gangsters in the ******** hood
    Let’s go!
    Aja: ……
    Letz goool
    (Let’s go)
    Zits time zu go zu war
    (It’s time to go to war)
    Sujio: ….
    They’ve become evil once more to battle evil
    Council: do we leave them?
    It is their business not ours, its boredom
    They like to fight no matter where they go
    They will fight no matter what
    2nd Council: so where are they going to go?
    Sujio: that’s their choice
    Now we don’t know where The Ten Evil Blades are, we have lost half the dozen of our men
    3rd Council: and what about the Dark Councils?
    Nothing from them yet
    Damn it!
    What are they doing?!
    Well then!
    It looks like the big guns are coming in!
    Everybody listen up!
    These are four groups that are coming out to the world!
    The Skull Gunners!
    The Dark Gunners!
    The HellsBound Crisis Gang!
    And The Falcon Squadron!
    They will all be coming here!
    To kill evil!
    With evil!
    We will fight htem!
    Kill them!
    Have their heads even if we must ******** them!
    I’m getting hard right now!
    ******** it! Let’s just kill em all!
    Hakuru: hey did you just sense that?
    Yamota: no
    Hakuru: I did
    Yamota: what was it?
    Hakuru: just some p***k that’s excited to see us
    Yamota: we have fans?
    Hakuru: probably
    Yamota: well ********
    Hakuru: hey Yukina can you scan this?
    Yukina: what’s this?
    Hakuru: it appears to be The Demon Knights helmet, the demon samurai gave it to me
    Yamota: what?! She did?!
    Hakuru: yeah, never knew I’d see her again
    Yamota: was my mother with her?
    Hakuru: no sorry
    Yamota: I see…
    I was hoping I could say goodbye to her before we leave
    Hakuru: then let’s go Yamota
    Yamota: huh?
    Hakuru: let’s go and find her then
    Yamota: but-
    Hakuru grabs Yamota’s hand
    Hakuru: come on, if you don’t see her again you may miss your chance next time
    Yamota: uh… right!
    The demon samurai walks in the mist as she walks pass Akashi
    Akashi: you gave her the helmet?
    Demon Samurai: I did
    Akashi: good, that helmet rests in her hands now, that helmet was one helluva burden
    Demon Samurai: I see you took care of them
    There were dead people that Akashi shot down
    Akashi: yeah I did, shot em dead alright
    Demon Samurai: you left your hat with your daughter correct?
    Akashi: yeah, just left a piece of memory, I don’t want her moping about me all the time
    Demon Samurai: so you love your daughter now?
    Akashi: ….
    She takes out a cigar and smokes it
    Akashi: just a little, sometimes I regret myself not being the mother I’m supposed to be
    My husband, or dead husband risked his life for our baby
    Akada Shin, the other half of me tried to stop me from killing Yamota
    I was controlled by hate and despair; I wanted to kill my baby
    I hated humans, and I hated their cries
    Akashi: I’m a cold hearted person, nothing but s**t
    What about you Demon?
    What’s your freaking story?
    Demon Samurai: I don’t know….
    I don’t have any memories of my childhood
    Even The Demon Knight doesn’t remember
    All I know was that when I was a child I was a sacrifice to some demon
    An ancient demon, I was used as a host
    Demon Samurai: I have no emotions because they took out my heart you see
    They took my eyes, my heart, and my feelings of emotion
    I’ve lost everything like a human
    Once the demon took my body I was nothing but a puppet but the demon whispered to me
    “do you want to live?”
    I accepted the demons offer and killed everybody
    Demon Samurai: but with the demon inside me I decided to be a samurai, a demon warrior to stop all tides of wars.
    War is what drives people insane, war can never be stopped no matter what
    I would kill and hold my blade tightly
    Demon Samurai: the only thing that surrounds me is blood that is all
    Akashi: that’s some ******** up story
    Akashi got off the bench and place her hand on the demons shoulder
    Akashi: well, at least your still human
    Demon Samurai: ?
    Akashi: listen Demon Samurai, both of us are monsters, we’re both killers and we don’t even a rats a** about pride and honor and s**t. I’m a cold hearted woman and you’re a cold killer who doesn’t give a damn
    But we do what we gotta do yeah?
    Akashi: don’t let a single damn evil destroy this ******** world
    That is our responsibility
    Akashi: we were born to kill evil, we were born to hold a weapon, we were born to fight
    That is who we are
    Akashi: but that s**t has changed
    Now look at me
    I don’t even know how old I am
    All I know is that I can’t even age, but I’m still an old woman, and look at you, you’re way beyond my limit
    Akashi: I had sex with a man I killed and loved, I got pregnant from him, gave birth, tried to kill my own baby, then I tried to kill her now and then!
    Akashi: it’s ******** up right?
    What about you?
    Demon Samurai: I was suppose to die, not to be born in this world
    Akashi: and look what happened, Diablo came and restored you back to life
    Demon Samurai: question is, why did he revive me but not the demon knight?
    Akashi: pfft, who the ******** knows
    All I wanna know is why the hell are we in this world?
    We’re supposed to be dead damn it, not to do someone elses work. Oh well, wanna try and resurrect The Demon Knight then?
    Demon Samurai: only if we have the demons armor, we must find them all
    Akashi: then let’s go
    Say if The Demon Knight was a statue then how did Diablo took off her armor if her whole body was-
    Demon Samurai: he just changed her armor state that’s all
    Diablo is a really powerful man, but with Hakuru she could defeat him with just her own strength
    Most devils has weak points, even Gods
    All beings have weak points, there is always a weak point, if I was trying to fight an angel I would slice its wings, if I was trying to fight a vampire I would strike its head or heart with any sharp object
    Demon Samurai: even humans can overcome powerful beings
    Akashi: true enough, what about The Demon Knight?
    Demon Samurai: you need a lot of energy to take her down, she can even become tired easily if you try and wear her out
    Akashi: Yamota?
    Yamota: hey mum!
    Akashi: the ******** are you doing here Yamota?!
    Hakuru: please let her speak
    Akashi: ah…. Fine…
    Demon Samurai: how did you find us?
    Hakuru: Evil Energy, I found out that you can sense even further now
    Demon Samurai: and yet I was in cloak mode
    Yamota: mum, I want to say goodbye
    Akashi: oh is that it?
    Yamota: not, there’s more
    Akashi: better not cry, my daughter is growing big, if she cries, I would get so pissed off
    Yamota: haha, I don’t cry that easily
    For more than nine years I always wanted to hug you and kiss you
    But instead I wanted to hit you for leaving me
    Not to mention I wanted to kill you too mum
    Yamota: so I trained hard, I trained myself to try and be like you, I beat up lots of people, I try to protect people
    But I always wanted to try and find you and fight you
    Since on and on I finally found you
    Yamota: and also I wanted to say I love you mum, I love you as your daughter and I will risk my life for you mum
    Just like how dad risked his life for the both of us
    Akashi: ….
    Akashi hugs Yamota
    Akashi: enough already
    Damn it….
    Goddamn it….
    I’m embarrassing you
    Akashi: I’m such a disgrace, why am I your mother?
    Why do you keep loving me damn it…?
    Yamota: mum it’s okay to cry….
    Akashi: I regretted myself for trying to kill you, yet you come to me and still love me?
    Why Yamota?! Why?!
    Yamota: because you’re my mother, without you I wouldn’t of been born
    I wouldn’t have saved Hakuru in the past
    If I wasn’t born Hakuru would have been dead, I wouldn’t have no friends, this whole world would have been destroyed if I haven’t saved Hakuru
    And I wouldn’t of saved you
    Yamota: so it’s alright cry if you want
    Because its okay mum
    Akahsi: ….
    If only your father was here….
    Saya tears began to fall from her eye
    Kikio: Saya?
    Saya: …..
    I’m crying?
    Saya slams her fist to the wall
    Saya: s**t!
    Saya begins to have flashes of her clone sister
    Saya: wait a minute…..
    If she was a clone, then who is the real body?
    That’s right….
    Saya: before we can go anywhere, I must go to the Hurisha company, Kikio wanna come?
    Kikio: sure thing buddy
    Saya: something’s not right at all
    After all I’ve been through, WW 1, WW 2 Gunners, what the hell is all this?
    I’ve been created for the sole purpose of fighting, then I was brought in by some other clone
    I must get my answers as soon as possible before I leave
    Shion: hm?
    Hakuru…. Sakura
    Shion: this is-
    Onimaru: that is my daughter, the real Hakuru Sakura, died in an unfortunate accident
    Shion: so what you did was to clone Hakuru
    Onimaru: yes, Kurai made me too
    Even though I actually wished to bring back Hakuru alive, it was my greed of love
    Shion: even so, the clone managed to bring back Hakuru by just one wish….
    Her body was being turned into statue, her blood cells were still breaking down
    Onimaru: sometimes most clones would have that sort of affect to be turned into stone, sometimes they would be turned to ash or to be melted away and be disintegrated
    Now with cures being mass produced, all of the clones are being cured one by one
    Shion: but why is “she” in there?
    Onimaru: that is known as a Cyro Chamber
    She’s sleeping in there since she was tired from yesterday
    Shion: oh I see
    Well then I look forward talking with the her
    But sometimes I think of the clone Hakuru as the real one to me
    Onimaru: what do you mean?
    Shion: Hakuru is really different
    A lot more different than us
    I admire her more than I admire myself
    Shion: it’s hard to develop feelings like you humans, not to mention it is difficult to live like one even when people hate you
    Saya: here it is
    Guard: you state your name
    Saya: Saya Hurisha
    Guard: S-Saya Hurisha?!
    Saya: can I go in?
    Guard: y-yes ma’am!
    Saya: thanks
    Kikio: heres a tip man!
    Guard: um…
    Thank you
    They drive in and park their car in
    Kikio: damn this is a huge facility
    Saya: of course it is, Hurisha and the B.W.F now works together, now where the ******** is Madam Hurisha?
    They walk into the building as they see a woman
    Saya: hey can I have an appointment with Hurisha?
    I’m sorry but she’s not available right now, she’s in a meeting
    Saya: meeting? Will it be alright if we can go sight seeing around the facility?
    I’m sorry but you don’t have clear ac-
    Saya hands in her card
    Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you
    Saya: it’s okay, come on Kikio let’s go
    Kikio: sure thing!
    As they walked around, they see test tubes of Saya
    Saya: …..
    Kikio: damn, how much do they make every day?
    Saya: every year they would make 1000 copies
    Kikio: 1000 COPIES?!
    Saya: yeah, with bio cells, advance technology, they could even place mechanical parts inside clones
    Kikio: so where’s the real Saya?
    Saya: probably at home somewhere, haven’t talked to her in ages
    Hurisha: why hello
    Saya: Hurisha?
    Hurisha: I heard you wanted to talk with me
    Saya: yeah I do
    Hurisha: so? What is it?
    Saya: who is my sister?
    Hurisha: you’re sister?
    Saya: don’t play dumb, there was a girl that was a clone like me, though she wasn’t my sister but was like one to me, she’s a clone, and I know it!
    Hurisha: so you finally figured it out huh?
    That wasn’t a clone Saya
    That was an engineered hand made human
    Kikio: w-what?!
    Saya: an engineered hand made human? What the hell does that mean?!
    Hurisha: meaning that was a biological human, it is the first human that we’ve created, the B.W.F made a bio weapon which transfers into a human body, so we made an actual human
    Though suddenly it escaped, if she was to be revealed by other humans we would have to destroy her
    Saya: but why? She was human
    Hand made human Saya…
    Hurisha: but thanks to the so called Gunners, our experiment failed and now we lost half of our funds
    That experiment cost us 50 whole years of research funding, I took in the best scientist around the world to make such a fine human
    I would of welcome it to the family
    Saya: so she wasn’t part of the Hurisha family….
    Saya clinch her fist
    Saya: so…. Why didn’t you do it again?
    Hurisha: I decided to shut it down
    Saya: …..
    Hurisha: though since you’re here, do you want to meet my husband?
    Saya: husband?
    Kikio: she’s got a husband? Never saw him before
    Saya: say, are you head of the Hurisha Company or Is it you’re husband?
    Hurisha: I am silly, I chose my own man, his a very gentle and nice man
    Saya: I’m not interested in guys, sorry Hurisha
    Besides this is all I want to know
    Hurisha: say do you know where are Kurai and Tsuki?
    Saya: no
    (she’s lying)
    Hurisha: oh well, be on your way then
    Rev: ah dang a phone call again?
    Oh boss!
    Rev: yeah, we’re getting ready for tomorrow why?
    Outside? What do you m-
    OH SH-
    Rev: yeah wait up!
    She hangs up and goes outside
    Rev: Boss?!
    Hey Rev
    Rev: what are you doing here?
    Well since I’m on my business trip again, I’m here to visit you guys once more, so how are things going?
    Rev: things are going great
    That’s great, so are you all heading out?
    Rev: yeah we are
    Hakuru and Saya are too
    Well then, good luck
    Thank you, and you too
    Hey Rev
    Rev: yeah?
    Sometimes you could make a fine wife someday
    Rev: wha-what?!
    Catch ya later!
    The boss gets in his car and drives off
    Rev: ah…. Wife?
    Later on
    Hakuru: anything on the helmet?
    Yukina: this helmet has a lot of energy reserves inside of it
    Hakuru you’re evil energy is similar to The Demon Knights potential
    Hakuru: so you’re telling me I’m a Demon Knight?
    Yukina: heh, maybe, it’s as if she is inside of you already
    Hakuru: don’t be stupid
    Yukina: just kidding, as If she would, but imagine that
    What if her soul isn’t in statue form, what if she actually escaped her body before she turned into stone?
    Hakuru: what do you mean?
    Yukina: all I’m saying is, what If she escaped the stone process and hid inside of somebody else’s body?
    Don’t you think?
    Hakuru: if that was possible then I wouldn’t have to protect this world
    V: hm to tell you the truth
    Hakuru: V?
    V: sorry am I intruding?
    Yukina: no, actually go on what you are about to say
    V: well as I was saying, last time I was back in hell, nobody could feel a single life inside her body when she was in statue form
    There was nothing, just one still stone
    Hakuru: then maybe her soul is still flying around then
    Yukina: this is incredible, so she’s still alive?
    V: hm, can’t be sure, if it’s possible The Demon Knight can once again be restored
    Hakuru: this is great news, I’m dying to meet her
    To be continued
    Next Chapter: #7 Satanic World