• Clear Vision Chapter 7:The Start Of A New Life

    I wake up the next mourning and i check my e-mail. There was an e-mal with the subject "Get Ready". I clicked on it and read it over. It stated, "At exactly 2:00 in the afternoon a limosine will park outside your premeses to pick you up. Take a shower pack some clothes and what ever you think is essential. When the limo arrives you will take it to the airport and youll be sent to Washington D.C. by private jet. Apone your arrival another limo will be there to pick you up and will take you to H.Q. On the way you will be briefed on the situation. After you have recieved this mesage i need you to destroy your computer so the enemy can not track this message. I will be waiting." As i finish i get up and take my pistol and aimed it at the computer. I fired a whole clip onto the computer screen, desktop, keyboard and the mouse even. I do as the message said and i took a shower. I packed up clothes and my sniper rifle and pistol. It was about 1:30 when i was finished. I waited outside my house for the limo. I started smoking after Bill died to releive the stress of life. I take out a cigarette ad a lighter. I light the cigarette and start smoking. I feel relaxed and stress free. As i finish the cigarette the limo arrives. I flick it to my side and i walk up to the limo. The driver comes out and offers to take my suitcases. I give him my two suitcases. "Be carefull with the long one okay?" "Yes sir." I get in the limo as he puts the suitcases in the trunk. He gets in the car and starts driving. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the airport. I get out the limo and i enter the jet as the driver takes my suitcases and loads them onto the jet. I take the private jet to Washington D.C. During the flight a female waiter walks up to me. She has brown eyes and red hair that is put into a ponytail. "Would you like something to drink sir?" "Yes I would like a shot of scotch please." "Yes sir." She bits her lip and smiles at me and also stares at me with a lusty look in her eyes as she walks away. I notice as she walks she is swaying her *ss. "God damn." I say wispering so she doesn't hear me. She enters the restroom then i sit back normally. I tka eout a cigarette and i light it. The i started smoking. The intercome goes off and the male pilot starts talking. "We will be arriving at our destination in about 5 hours. Thank you." The waitress comes out and i lean back into the aile to see what see was doing. She walks up to a fridge and pulls out the scotch bottle. She then bends down to a drawer to get the glass and i notice that her skirt was a little bit to small for her and as she bends she showed that she wasent wearing any underwear. I choke on the smoke and stared coughing from the surprise id been givin. She stands up stright and pours the scotch in the glass. She turns around and i jolt back into the seat sitting up right. "F*ck I hope she did't see me." I burn out the cigarette. She comes up to my seat and hands me the shot. "Ahh thank you...Kassarie." I said looking at her name tag. She chuckels, "My pleasure." She winkes and i realize that the top of her skirt is unbuttoned showing most not all of her b*obs. She walks away and i couldn't help myself so i leaned into the aile and watched her sway her *ss. "Im gonna miss that when i leave." As i lean back into my seat i notice there is a note taped under the shot glass. I take off the folded note and read it over. It said, "Met me at the Sunshine Hotel Room number 100 at midnight. I'll be waiting. XOXO." I put the note in my pocket and i gulp down the shot. "I guess i won't have to miss it just yet." When the plane finaly landed. I was greated by another limo and a man standing by it. The was also another man putting my suicases in the trunk. "Hello sir, how are you this fine evening?" It was about 9:00 at night. "Fine I guess. You?" "Im doing fabulous sir thank you for asking." He opens the car door so i can get in. "Thanks." "My pleasure sir." I get in and he shuts the door and he gets in the driver's seat and starts driving. As were i notice an african american man sitting acrose from me. "Hello Mr. Knight my name is John Persons." "Hello Mr. Persons." "Just call me John." He leans over to me for a hand shake. I shake his hand. "Okay John. So whats going one?" He pulls out an envalope and hands it to me. "I believe you know this man?" I open the envalope and take out a picture. It was a picture of Kranchcof. "Von D. Kranchcof. He has no fear, no conscience, and no weaknesses. He does not fear death and he has been the cause of numerous counts of terrorism and needs to be stoped." John said. "So when do i kill him?" I say. He smiles. "Were lucky to have you Alex." We arrive at H.Q. I get out and got my suicases from the limo and it drives off. We walk up to the entrance and theres a man gaurding it. "This is Sargent Miller, he will take you to your quarters." John says. Miller puts his hand to me for a hand shake and i shake his hand. "Hello Mr. Knight welcome home." He opens the door and starts walking. "Follow me ill give you a little tour of the way. I follow him. We pass by a door with a sign stating "Armory". "This is the armory. This is were your gonna find guns, explosives all of it. You can think of it its in there." We continue walking. We walk past a door stateing "Mess Hall". "The Mess Hall. When you get hungry go there." "Sounds easy enough." He chuckels. "You will be surprised on how many people get lost here but im preaty sure you can handle it." We finally stop at a door with a sign stateing, "Rm. 1B Agent Alex Knight." "This is your room." John says. He openes the door and i see that there is a bed, a bed side table, a dresser and another door that leads to the restroom. "Make yourself comfy." John says. "Thank you John ill talk to you later." We shake hands and he walks away. I unpack all my clothes and i take out the note the waitress gave me. "Midnight." I check my watch. 11:32. Before i left I notice that there is a pisture in frame on the bed side table. I walk up to it and i pick it up. It was a picture of me and my parents. I flush of sadness and anger came. My eyes started to water but i wiped them away and i place the pisture on the table. "I love you guys." I exit my room and shut the door. I walk around H.Q. until i found John. "John i need to ask you something." "What is Alex?" "I need to leave real quick and i might not be back till tomarow is that okay?" "Sure just make sure your back at least by 10." "Will do, thanks." As im walking away he yells back at me. "Alex you might need this!" I turn around and he throws my a set of keys. "The black mustange is yours. Make sure you take care of it. You break it you buy for another." "Thanks again." He waves away at me and he walks away. I take the car to the Sunshine Hotel and found room 100. I knock and a women said for me to answer. I opened the door and i found the waitress known as Kassarie on a bed with a thin sheet covering a small portion of her naked body. "Shut the door." She said. I shut the door and i take off my shirt. She motions her indext finger saying for me to come over to her. I do and i climb on the bed with her. I clibm on top of her and she wraps her arms around my neck. We kiss and i start kissing from her mouth to her chest. I start suckuling on her n*ppels and she moans loudly. She unbuckels my pants and i pull them off. We make love and we spend the night there. END OF CHAPTER 7!!!