• “Scarlet? Scarlet you can come in now.” I took a deep breath and walked into class 258 of North star high school. I could feel my heart practically jump out of my chest. Being my first time in a school I wasn’t to impressed but that didn’t stop my nerves.
    Mrs. Jackson a well fed, blond haired, older woman was standing in the font of the class waving me in. Her blue eyes were filled with such kindness. I wish I could say the same for my classmates. Yeah the girls looked pretty with there peach lib balm and there designer shoes but they sure didn’t look nice. I got looks that would make someone want to crawl into a shell and die, but I’ve always been one for a challenge. The guys looked sarcastic and immature. Yes I know someone cant actually look sarcastic but if you could these guys did.
    “Jasey raise your hand, you will be showing Scarlet around.” Mrs. Jackson said
    A thin black haired girl in the corner of the room that I hadn’t noticed earlier raised her hand. She seemed shy and quiet. Mrs. Jackson had me take a seat next to her.
    “hi I’m Scarlet nice to meet you.“ I said trying to reach out to her. Even though I guess it should have been the other way around.
    “Hello.“ she said quickly and softly.
    A few moments later the bell rang. Jasey turned to me “would you like to sit with me at lunch. You don’t have to if you don’t want to but I thought it would be nice. It being your first day and all.“
    “sure. I’d love too.“ I said back
    What they called the “lunch room” was the grossest thing I had ever saw. What looked like ground vomit was being passed off as food and it coated the floor. It was loud and smelly and no one knew how to say sorry if they practically ran you over.
    After getting our……lunch Jasey was leading me to a table to sit when some one tripped her. The girl had long red hair and brown eyes. She laughed as food went everywhere including on me and Jasey. I helped Jasey up which got a few sarcastic “Awws” from the b***h squad. The other girls seemed to snicker with her. Me never being the one to know when to shut my mouth didn’t.
    “Don’t you think that was just a little rude? Way to be a b***h! ” I said
    “Oh look girls, a hero” she smirked “since your new ill let that slide since you don’t know any better. First of all the name is Charm second I wasn’t being rude to that “thing” I was putting her back in her place”
    “ Really your name is Charm? Wow were your parents wrong with picking your name. yeah I think ill stick with calling you b***h. It fits you better.”
    “Ugh!” she rolled her eyes before dramatically exiting with her loyal followers.
    Great not one day I’m a senior and already I’m enemies with the school goddess. Great! rolleyes