• I see it, a brown stone pedestal framed by grey skies and dead grass. There are four depressions on the top of it. It looks as if there should be a small ball in each of them. One spot seems painted green, the one across form it red. Another looks to be painted blue and the one across from that one white. The air is still, and there seems to be an unnaturally great pressure, like I’m deep underwater. I feel urged to walk forward, as if I’ve returned here to complete some ominous task. I feel I’ve carried a great burden, one I want to let go of, but it’s too important to.

    I awaken to the sound of an alarm. I quickly get up, grab my gear and head to the briefing room.

    As I go I hear others doing the same, some cursing under their breath as they go. Doors swing open, people run out, and the doors slam violently shut. Boots squeak on the shining floors, and lights on the concrete walls buzz while giving a bluish hue to everything.