• Every day at my school the same things happen..... i get up to go to my lame school, to do lame work sheets, and eat lunch with the same lame, honorably quiet people. But not today, which was quite odd sense it was a Monday. I was walking in the hall, the same dull and lonesome hall, and all of a sudden a guy comes flying around the corner with his arms in the air flailing back and forth. All of a sudden he darts past screaming," NACHOS!!!" I paused and stood there not being able to process what in the world just happened.

    I proceeded on to my next class, math. I'm fantastic at math, but my teacher is insane. She actually has a spray bottle in her room so if you fall asleep she sprays you with it. She even threw a chalk broad eraser at a kid and once when everyone in the class was talking she ran she fingernails in a zig-zag up and down the chalk-broad. If you have to barrow a pencil she takes one of you shoes and don't dare lose focus in her class because she kicks the front of your desk. But she won't teach a single lesson, she just talks about her life and her 42 cats. It's a mystery of how im making a 93 in her class. I mean who in the world has forty-two cats.

    She said almost nothing today but," Annabell.... you understand this don't you? You tell the class how to do this..." I looked up from my paper wide-eyed. She always loved to stand at the front of the class and speak non since, plus I don't know how to teach a class of thirty-eight ninth graders math!

    I laughed a little thinking it might be a joke and then realized it wasn't. There were thirty-eight good students sitting in there desks eager for laughter and i'm their first-class victim. I peeled my text book from my desk and forced myself to stand like chickens to a slotter.

    The black board stared my in the eyes intimidatingly. I caught a glims of the broad and pictured the problems from the text book up on the black surface. I confidently darted up to the board and scribbled the first three problems. I stepped back to check them once, nodded and spun around. Then i scanned the room for slackers. "You!" i shouted pointing the piece of chalk at a young boy in the back, holding the text book in the other hand," solve it!" He gazed at the broad wide-eyed. "two..... squared?"

    I launched the chalk across the room at him. "No, Idiot! Now pay attentions!" I began to point and write explaining each problem. I was actually proud of the class and Mrs.Doe was proud that i could teach to class.

    I pranced out of class for lunch and there he was staring right at me. His brown hair fit the style of his uniform just right and the lens of his glasses reflected my face, perfectly framed by my brown wavey bangs. He eased off the locker he was leaning on and took one step toward me. Out of no where nacho man runs up and tackles me. He apologized and helped me up. "ow," i mumbled as i stood up. He looked at me, apologized again, and darted the other way.

    "Are you ok?" i heard a gentle voice ask. I turned to see him smiling at me. "I-I'm fine.... i think," I laughed a little. "So... are you usually into teaching?" he asking in a sarcastic voice to tease me. "Oh! That? No, no, no. I'm not very fond of dealing with a room full of seven year old teens," we both began to laugh.