• She just dropped into the seat on the bus. She had gotten up late again. Her alarm clock must be dying. She looked around the bus where was Marie? Her stop was before Eva’s. Maybe she stayed home? Or maybe she had gotten a ride from someone? She zoned out thinking this over till she got to school.

    The morning went by very fast. She didn’t really pay much attention in class. She hadn’t seen Marie at all today she should have been at her locker but she hadn’t been. During her second class she asked to be excused. As she was walking back from the bathroom she caught a flash of flame red hair out of the corner of her eye.

    “Not again, I can’t take anymore,” she whispered a small protests but her feet moved of the own will and she was forced to fallow the little girl. When she was about to round the corner she heard angry voices. She peak around the corner. She saw Adem surrounded by Jakob and five of his friend from the hockey team.

    “Dude what you did Friday night was so not cool. Do you know how much that hurt?” Jakob touched his nose. “So why did you do it?” he asked Adem as his team mates bunched around.

    “You hurt Eva! She loved you and you could careless about how she feels!” Adem said with his arms crossed at his chest. He stood up taller and glared down at Jakob.

    “Eva was fun and all but I wanted someone with some experience,” Jakob said with an evil grin. His friends snickered.

    Eva felt revolution crawl up her throat at Jakob’s words. Had she been such a bad judge of character with Jakob?

    Adem didn’t think he just acted. He threw a punch into Jakob’s already bruise nose. Jakob fell against the opposite wall. And slid down it in a daze as to of his team mates helped him stand.

    Adem sent a knee to the gut of the guy who was on his left. The guy crumpled in on his self. And then they guy fell to the floor and didn’t get back up. Adem stumble as a guy right behind him hit Adem in the back of his head. Adem shook his head and then turned and tackle the guy to the floor. The guys head hit the floor and he grabbed his head and rolled around on the floor. Adem got up and look at the last guy standing. The guy sent a kick to Adem’s knees but Adem side stepped the kick and grabbed the guy’s foot and flipped him to the floor. The cracked of the guy’s head hitting the floor resounded through the hall.

    At that sound Eva gasped. It was a small sound but Adem heard it and he looked up. Eva had never seen this side of Adem. And it scared her Eva stared into Adem’s eyes. He looked like he was trying to ask to forgive him. He took a step toward her.

    Jakob shook his head and saw that Adem wasn’t looking at him and his last two team mates. He took advantage of the fact that Adem was distracted. He and his two team mates jumped Adem. Jakob kicked Adem in the groin. Adem doubled over. Then the last two team mates grabbed Adem’s arms. Jakob leaned in close to Adem, “ok now I am going to return the favor Adem!” Jakob hissed in Adem’s ear. He stood up and started to punch Adem. After like three minutes Jakob stopped.

    Adem was barely conscious. The guys holding his arms loosened their grip. Adem suddenly ripped his arm free from the guy holding his right arm. He punched the guy on his left in the jaw the guy fell unconscious to the floor. The guy who was holding his right arm grabbed Adem and then threw him into the wall.

    Adem tried to stop him self from hitting the wall with his left arm. But when he hit the wall he heard a loud cracking sound and a second latter pain shot up his arm from his wrist. He started to black out. He heard Eva scream.

    Eva screamed bloody murder. Jakob looked up and saw Eva for the first time. He was angry at himself how had he not seen her and he would have to shut her up. He took a step toward her. Eva stood their like a deer in head lights she knew she should run but she couldn’t. Everything slowed down. Jakob was standing in front of her he raised his hand getting ready to slap her. Suddenly Jakob fell to one side of her he was holding the side of his head and groaning. Eva look form him to where he had been standing. Adem was standing there swaying a little. In a voice horse with pain he said, “at least I could stop him from hurting …” He started to pass out.

    Eva caught him. “Are you ok?” She asked as she helped him sit down on the floor. She was worried about him. He was hurt badly.

    Then the whole school seemed to be in the hall way at once teachers, students, and the school security where all around them. The school nurse came and checked out Adem. Then the police came to take away Jakob and his team mates and an ambulance came for Adem.