• I lay back on the freshly cut grassed and looked up at the moon.
    As I looked at the moon, I saw a face.
    A girl's face.
    I have always heard of the man on the moon, but never of the girl on the moon.
    Besides I didn't even believe in that stuff, so I shrugged it off. But my curiosity took over. I looked at the moon once more. Then it seemed as if a hand was reaching out to touch me.
    Then I realized, it was!Then it seemed as if the moon was coming closer, it came closer and closer. I stood there like a buffoon, staring at the Girl on the Moon. She has soft, white, curly hair tumbling below her waist. Her face seemed soft and delicate. She wore a beautiful dress so low it was shameful yet it looked beautiful on her. It was made of pure white silk with silver designs. Delicate silver armbands covered her arms. Soft yet subtle makeup made her features even more noticeable. She had a beautiful silver laurel crown on her head with a star placed delicately in the middle. Then her face started to change, she smiled. She reached out at me, I reached out toward her,then I heard a boom. I looked back at where she was but she was gone. The only thing that was left was a silver necklace, with a crescent moon hung on it.