• It's never easy to be new, is it?
    I was only lucky to have met a kind man when I had finally entered a village. I couldn't stay with my family and let them be burdened by my life. So, I just left them to do as they will.
    It was on the way there that the man and I had ran into each other. He said he knew of a town nearby and he'd be happy to help set me up with a job and a place of my own. I was extremely greatful.

    As soon as the morning broke into the sky, we had made it into the town. He took me around pointing out every building, every person, and every tree. He wanted me to know the history before I had actually stayed there. Only he didn't stop to tell me about the trail that led off to some far away home. I hadn't really cared but it was something I was curious about.

    His final act of kindness was taking me to the biggest tavern in town. It actually surprised me to see him walk to the bar-owner and point me out to him and the man say he'd give me a job.

    "Don't worry about anything, las. He'll help you. Now promise me, you'll be a good little las and do your best." He gave me a smile and patted my head.

    "Yes sir. I promise. Will I see you again?" I had only asked because I didn't want to be alone here.

    He didn't answer but just left me there. That day was nice, fast, and I worked hard for every cent I was given. I loved it all.

    Only a month later after learning the true nature of the area, I started to be cold to the men that I waited on. So many request, so many fights, the bar-owner had to keep an eye on me when the men got too drunk and rough. He felt he needed to keep me from working the night shifts.
    It was night that I had the worst luck. Some of the other women that worked there had tried and tried to beg me to let them help me when I worked instead of letting them leave for the night. But why? I gave them the little tips I got and made sure they were alright when a fight started with them nearby.

    "Alice, love. You're an angel." Betty told me one night as she left. Betty wasn't the smallest person, but she had the softest heart. A man had yelled at her and smacked her around until I threw him out.

    But I guess the best comes in when I worked during the day once. The regular drunkards came in and I was one of the only women there. A few men I hadn't seen before came in and sat near the back. It seemed to me they would behave and keep to themselves but as I had ran from table to table, they started to seem stranger and stranger. Especially the tallest one. He seemed to glance over the whole place.

    "Hey Berry, what do you make of those men?" I nodded to the back. Berry was the owner and he seemed to like my judgment of people. His blonde hair was dirty and dark from the lack of light, brown eyes and sun-kissed skin. I thought of him as a big teddy bear since he was large and sweet to me.

    "Them? They aren't regulars, but they are good business. What's up, Red?" He brushed my bangs out of my eyes and tipped my chin up.

    "I don't know. Something feels off... Oh look... Customer... Be back soon, sir." I jumped off the stool he kept by his side for me.

    "Evening gents, how may I serve you?" I greeted them with my usual. A smile, a curtsy, and a tip of the head.

    "Well you can start with some drinks." One of the men grabbed my a** as I started to lose my smile, cool, and I felt my anger rising.

    Berry hadn't noticed but I was certainly glad to see that. But somewhere I thought I saw movement from the tall guy in the corner.

    Possibly around the third time I had walked over to the rude men, I had lost everything. He pulled me into his lap and said I should come home with him and help him with a few things that I would never concider doing. Berry finally looked like he lost it when I jumped out of his lap and slapped the man in his face.

    "Look you a*****e. I am not a toy to play with. I am your waitress, I give you beer, you pay me so I can pay him and get my money. Now what the hell do you think you're doing to me?" I screamed as he glared back to me.

    He pulled out a knife from his side, and I thought it would all be over. I wasn't scared. I felt that I would be safe, and I was some-how right. It was like two seconds after he pulled the knife out, I was lifted up and placed down safetly away.

    "A beautiful lady like you shouldn't be fighting." It was the tallest man in the group by the back.

    I blushed slightly and ran to Berry grabbed my money and ran out the back.

    I'm not sure what would have gone down, but the sooner I got out, the better. I owed Berry for letting me leave.

    Some how I had been followed from the Tavern.

    "Who are you and what do you want?"