• Your running through an abandonded warehouse. Something's out there and you know it but you just cant see it. Every twist and turn is like a maze. All you want to do is get out, but you cant. Then the lights go out. You grab the flashlight you conveniently had. You click it on and continue walking at a slower pace. The flashlight begins to flicker and you decide that you can get it to work by smacking a few times. This proves a failure. The flashlight goes out and ominous music plays in the background. But of course, you don't hear it. Then you keep smacking the flashlight until it flickers back on and oh no! What was that? A small shadow? You run as you hear crashes only to look back and see a cat that happens to be there. You sigh with relief. All of a sudden the flashlight flickers and oh darn! There's your killer standing with a knife. Your first instict? Run. You run, faster and faster then oh no. You have just tripped over nothing and it's taken you at least five minutes just to get back up. So now the killer is closer, but he's walking so it's alright. You run faster and faster then find a hiding place. As we see you look around the corner, the killer comes up behind you and you scream.

    "Dang it!" You think to yourself. :I'm stuck in a cliche horror movie."